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April 18, 2005

Wherever I Hang

Not much time on the computer today as Mr. has got lots of work on and is (rightfully) hogging the keyboard. In adition the second I sit down to do anything Littleone starts demanding that I let her play Rosie and Jim. Although something very exciting may be happening towards the end of the week which may or may not mean that we will no longer be a one computer family. I don't want to talk about it too much in case I put a jinx on the whole thing...

Poem for the day;

Wherever I Hang by Grace Nichols

I leave me people, me land, me home
For reasons I not too sure
I forsake de sun
And de humming-bird splendour
Had big rats in de floorboard
So I pick up me new-world-self
And come to this place call England
At first I feeling like I in a dream -
De misty greyness
I touching the walls to see if they real
They solid to de seam
And de people pouring from de underground system
Like beans
And when I look up to de sky
I see Lord Nelson high - too high to lie.

And is so I sending home photos of myself
Among de pigeons and de snow
And is so I warding off de cold
And is so, little by little
I begin to change my calypso ways
Never visiting nobody
Before giving them clear warning
And waiting me turn in queue
Now, after all this time
I get accustom to de English life
But I still miss back-home side
To tell you de truth
I don't know really where I belaang
Yes, divided to de ocean
Divided to de bone
Wherever I hang me knickers - that's my home.

Posted by purple elephant at April 18, 2005 06:08 PM