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April 19, 2005

Not in your back yard..

I do try to be objective and fair in my arguments, I don’t like resorting to personal insults just because someone has a different opinion from me. However occasions do arise where I get so incensed about something that objectivity goes right out the window. It is so obvious to me that I can’t see why I should have to make my case. It is in reference to some people that I am tempted to use numerous variations of the word fuck because I really don’t want to refer to them as people, surely they are not human?

Ok I’ll try.

So what has been pissing me off in the past week or so? Firstly it seems that plans for a wind farm in Cambridgeshire have been axed because locals have been protesting AGAINST the plans. Not only that but it looks like something similar is going to happen in Cumbria.
I’ve tried. Believe me I have tried. I have even been to the Stop Cambridge Wind Farm website in an attempt to understand their arguments. A favourite soundbite in both cases seems to be that they fear ‘the industrialisation of the landscape.’ It seems to have totally escaped these people that if we don’t do something about climate change pretty damn soon then there will be NO landscape because most of Cambridgeshire will be UNDER WATER. Oh hang on but wait, this wont be for a couple of generations and none of those protesters will be around then. Just so long as they can look out of their windows and see an expanse of green; just so long as their house prices remain disgustingly high, who gives two hoots what happens to the land after we are gone.
Yes tucked somewhere down the bottom of the website ‘house prices’ are mentioned in an almost embarrassed half whisper. I suspect that this is what the whole thing is actually all about. Don’t get me started on house prices, whoops you just did. Maybe the house prices should come down, maybe then we could afford one of your posh houses and then I’d could look out of the window onto the turbines in awe at just how much we owe our existence to Mother Nature.
What sort of selfish fucker (Oh shit. I’ve gone and done it now) do you have to be to actually go out of your way to haste the destruction of our planet, all because you are worried about house prices? At last this country was getting off its sluggish arse and doing something and what did you do? You kicked it back down again. How in God’s name do you sleep at night?
Do you know what I fear? In a couple of generations our descendants will be frazzling under a blazing sun and fighting over the last gasp of oxygen. I fear that in their final hours they will climb onto the last peak left on Earth and ask their foreparents what they did to reverse this destruction.
And we will have to turn around and say,
‘Well I wouldn’t have minded but it was the house prices you know…’

Posted by purple elephant at April 19, 2005 05:57 PM