March 02, 2011

The Truth Project

I have been fortunate enough to be able to watch the first 6 episodes of The Truth Project with friends of mine. No, I haven't been convinced to change my world view. But that wasn't the point. The point was for me to share what they believed and share why and where we disagree or agree with this series.
I have to admit that I am occasionally surprised on where we agree and disagree. I am going to go over my notes and go through this in a more detailed manner but I am enjoying the discussions afterward.
I have only walked out one time with my feathers ruffled. Sometimes it is very difficult to watch an hour of someone teaching that you are a "fool" or "evil" or any of the other demeaning names that this condescending man is spewing. And I realize that this is a series meant to help Christians live the faith that they believe, to be able to stand up for what they believe and explain their beliefs when confronted. However, making the entire thing a polemic between right (the very narrow definition of what they believe) and wrong (the entirety of the rest of the world) seems a little less than Christian.
Those who don't believe what you believe aren't evil and espousing such beliefs while using out of context quotes and inaccurate or biased studies to back up your claims only makes things more divisive. Like it or not, there are many world views and you need to know and be able to live in a world that can contain them all.
Ok, I know this was a bit of a ramble but I was looking for a jumping off point. I will break it down more as I move forward. This week is historical accuracy of biblical texts and I am looking forward to seeing what they have to say on this topic.

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