January 07, 2012

Save me Facebook

Sure, freedom of religion. Freedom of the press. But in some warped and twisted way this has become freedom to become annoying as all crap on Facebook. And, before anyone gets ranty, or at least rantier then me, I understand that I don't have to watch/read/listen. I get that and I fully support everyone's right to say something that makes me want to scream and beat them with a science textbook.
But every once in a great while I actually click on the videos that are posted by friends or friends of friends. And I sit with my neck sore from vigorous head shaking in wonder. How can you not see propaganda for what it is? Why is it ok for you to declare that you are in a war with me? Why do you think it is your right to go out and seek to convert me? And why do you not see through this?
If I promoted a video that said that we, as atheists, have a responsibility to go out and show all the foolish that they are in danger living their lives the way that they do. That their blind faith will cause them to suffer needlessly when rational thought is so close to their grasp, people would hunt me down and drag me straight onto Fox News. And yet how is that different? I watch the videos, and I'm not going to link to them or spread them any further but they're easy enough to find, and I worry that people I really respect will fall victim to this propaganda. And yes, I've used that word repeatedly but what else would you call it? Let's look at the definition:
from Mirriam-Webster-
2. the spreading of ideas, information or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause or a person.
3. ideas, facts or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause; also a public action having such an effect.

The problem with propaganda is that it's rarely truth. Unfortunately, it's often Truth. So I will gnash my teeth and stomp my feet and remember that Freedom of Speech isn't predicated on common sense. But I wonder if I started spreading such propaganda on my social feeds, not just my opinion but information saying that there was a war and it was my job to make sure that religious people were converted, I wonder just how long it would before my friend list dwindled to a small few. Seems slightly unbalanced for a group decrying how maligned they are.
And on a shallower note--Wow! That was some cheesy ass, heavy handed, over the top video. Really? The dramatic music, the costumes, the battle scenes? I need to be saved from the video.

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November 13, 2008

28 crosses

No, not 27 Dresses. You'll have to look elsewhere for witty, romantic banter. I'm discussing the fact that I went to a municipal office yesterday to pay a bill and that's what I was faced with--28 crosses hanging on the wall behind the receptionist's desk. Twenty-eight gaudy crosses of all different shapes, sizes, materials and origins. There were metal ones and ceramic ones, beaded ones and simple ones. But there were no less than 28 and they were accompanied by a couple of depictions of Jesus with a few saints thrown in for good measure. The smallest of these crosses was at least 6"-8" in height. These weren't itty, bitty crosses. These were definitely up for some serious blessing.

After waiting the required amount of time expected at any municipal office, I was helped by a somewhat stereotypically grouchy receptionist who, after stamping, printing and copying the duplicate and triplicate forms, wished me a blessed day.


Before I go on my little tirade, yes, I know she probably meant it kindly, and yadda, yadda, yadda, but bear with me for a bit, 'k?

Let's say for a second that the wall had been full of many versions of Buddha--laughing Buddha, sitting Buddha, etc. Or maybe, many versions of the Star of David--a glittery one, a metal one, a beaded one, one made out of macaroni and gold spray paint--would that have been ok? Would people have been ok with the Muslim symbols? Pagan symbols? No. I think it would have sent them, clutching their crosses, and running.
Am I wrong? Would you have felt uncomfortable with an over the top display of a religion that differs so greatly from yours in a municipal building?

What makes them think that I am ok with the 28 crosses? What makes that appropriate for a government building? It isn't. Pure and simple. That clearly promotes that religion. And I'm not talking subtle nuance or traditions that have been long established. I'm not talking about a simple cross or picture on a personal desk. I'm talking a full-out, crazy, cross lady--a stark, raving, mad, cross collector loose at the Trenton Water Works. I don't want to be blessed, thanks. And I sure as hell don't need my water blessed. I just need you to stop screwing up the accounts.

It is completely an inappropriate place for that kind of a personal display. Believe whatever you want to but there's no need for the decoupage deity behind the counter at the water works. And you know what? You can even wish me a blessed day if that floats your boat. I probably wouldn't have minded if it hadn't felt like I was at the Inquisition. Can atheists partake in the municipal water? Just curious.

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April 11, 2008

I don't want a sermon, I just want the right people to go home

The last few weeks I have noticed an annoying trend on American Idol. (If you want my opinions on all things Idol they are over here). I am sick to death of the religious songs. Would that dreck really fly on the radio? Mainstream? And when the group number is some sappy, schlop about Jebus I just fast forward right on through.

But I'm wondering--what if one of the contestants didn't want to sing praise, praise, praise? What then? Obviously, they couldn't say anything because if they were anti-religion, even the teensiest bit, openly, they would be next off the show. Why is that ok? Why do people have to go along? Why is it so damn scary that some of us don't believe in the superstition and craziness?

Please, Idol, no more songs in praise, 'k? I get that last week was Idol Gives Back so I will let that slide but enough is enough. It's a cheap way to get votes.

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