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April 11, 2008

I don't want a sermon, I just want the right people to go home

The last few weeks I have noticed an annoying trend on American Idol. (If you want my opinions on all things Idol they are over here). I am sick to death of the religious songs. Would that dreck really fly on the radio? Mainstream? And when the group number is some sappy, schlop about Jebus I just fast forward right on through.

But I'm wondering--what if one of the contestants didn't want to sing praise, praise, praise? What then? Obviously, they couldn't say anything because if they were anti-religion, even the teensiest bit, openly, they would be next off the show. Why is that ok? Why do people have to go along? Why is it so damn scary that some of us don't believe in the superstition and craziness?

Please, Idol, no more songs in praise, 'k? I get that last week was Idol Gives Back so I will let that slide but enough is enough. It's a cheap way to get votes.

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