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November 13, 2007

And sometimes, the fun just falls into your lap

Thanks to one of my best friends, here are links to an essay and a flickr set from a visit to the Creation Museum. Honestly, I was just wasting time when I found all this fun.

Do you know how jealous I am?

That's it. It's decided. We need to go there. The responses from the boys while we looked through the photos were priceless. I am so proud of them.

J: "So they think we all descended from inbreeders??"
J: "Well, who do they think wrote the bible??"
C: "If they got kicked out of the garden, then wasn't all that stuff outside the garden already anyway?"
C and J (on viewing the boy riding the dinosaur): "Bwahahahahahahaha! This is funnier than a Simpsons episode."

Oh, we have to go. Anyone want to see if we can get a group rate for heathens?

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