March 08, 2007

Well, that's going to make it difficult

I was three episodes behind on Prison Break. Three. I was just this close to giving up. But I like this show. I like these guys with their scruffy faces and piercing eyes. So, since everyone was sick I settled into a little Prison Break marathon.

All caught up now and just wondering...isn't it going to be awfully difficult to get a Presidential pardon now? What's plan B? Because you know Michael always has a plan B. Do they go hunting for the original, time-stamped copy of the recording? And who has that?

Any guesses?

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October 03, 2006

I never thought he'd do it!!

I know that this season is going to require us to suspend reality a bit. I mean, Michael is brilliant (and hot!) but can he possibly have thought of every complication in advance?

I like how they are dividing them. I don't like Lincoln going off on his own. Poor, dumb, hot guy. Your the muscle and the body. Michael is the brains. You are going to get in trouble.

T-Bag is the creepiest damn man ever. And for that very reason he will be around for a good, long while. It doesn't pay to kill off someone that the audience feels strongly about even if he is nasty.

But the FBI guy? Who knew? Who knew how damn creepy and screwed up he is? I never thought he would do it. I thought he would scare him. I thought he might threaten him. But holy crap!!

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