September 24, 2007

Did you see that?

Did you understand all of it?

Is Claire going to be making out with flying boy? Is he trouble or good?

Love Claire's dad taking out annoying Staples guy.

How funny is Hiro's hero? Not what I expected. And what's his power going to be?

Who was on the roof with Hiro's dad? And why was he wearing the Billy Mahoney sweatshirt?

What was going on with Nathan and the mirror? Also, Nathan and that awful beard?

Yay, Claire's dad and Mohinder but how dumb are you saying, "We're going to bring down the company" over a cell phone. Please. Have we learned nothing. Trust no one.

Ew. The new girls power is making people bleed out of their eyes 'til they're dead? Gross. But the skeevy "ride up front with me" guy had it coming the whole time.

The container at the end? What the heck was all that? Ireland?

I am very excited but more than a little confused and stunned after that episode. Way to start it off with a bang. How long 'til the next one?? A week is way too long to wait.

Any theories?

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April 24, 2007

Bwahahaha! You're middle management

How glad was everyone else that Heroes was finally back? I had to keep reminding myself what happened "previously on Heroes" so that I could keep all the stories straight since they plunged right ahead.

And you know you were yelling at Claire to pull that glass out, weren't you? And saying things like, "That's right, she only got better after they removed the big piece of wood!!"

What's the grandmother's power besides being a superbitch? And you know she and Lindeman were buddies, yes? Did you think Lindeman might heal Peter?

Creepy morphing girl is starting to get on my nerves. She could be anywhere. She could be me, posting, right now. Seriously.

So what happened to Isaac? Were the answers to how to stop Sylar in the sketchbook or in the pictures that the messenger had? And how do you stop him?

And what do they need Micah for? It isn't to knock over ATMs because they already have all the money. Voting maching fraud? The election is in a week and he seemed very confident that Nathan would win.

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March 08, 2007

How long must we wait???

Great episode. And if you didn't watch it yet then shoo because I am going to spoil things.

The trailers for this week were cleverly misleading, yes? Did you think Simone got some of Peter's powers? Did you know? Did you know that the wife wasn't the wife?

And, to end a little debate between my sister and I...who was in the painting with his head cut off? Peter? Mohinder? Isaac? Who do you think it was?

Naughty, naughty Sylar.

And how does Peter and Nathan's mom know the Haitian? And how much does she know? And....if these powers are genetic, does she have any?

And then, after getting us all keyed up, the announcer says something insane about "on April 23rd....."

Gah! How can we be expected to wait that long? Stop interrupting the seasons like that. It's annoying. Maybe we should sick Sylar on them?

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November 28, 2006

Interesting in a flashbacky kind of way

So what did you think? Hiro learned there are some things that he can not change. Once something happens, it happens, yes? Or no?

I am a little freaked by Nikki/Jessica and the father that strangled her/them. Bizarro much?

I still don't like senator brother, he bothers me.

And here's the kicker. I'm not sure that I like that they told us who Sylar is. I kind of liked wondering and guessing. It seemed a little too pat for me. He's still weird and bizarre and does he obtain the powers of those he kills? Because if so, damn, he is one powerful guy. But I don't like knowing it all without working a bit for it.

Still one of the best shows of the season. Gotta love something different and be grateful that there aren't any damn penguins. That's all I'm sayin'.

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November 01, 2006

Justice or revenge?

So which was it? When House was pulled over, you knew it was that patient, right? You had to have seen that coming.

Somehow I never get mad at House. He acts out all the mean things that I censor and I gotta love him for that. Not sure how he will be getting out of the pill situation though.

Lost? Ewwwwww! I know I am a week late with this one but things here have been crazy. I almost flipped when they shoved that needle in Sawyer's chest. But I like that creepy Ben is conning the con artist and making Sawyer look like an amateur. I don't know if I buy the other island thing. Wouldn't they have noticed that?

Heroes continues to blow me away every week. Those "bio parents" were definitely not her real parents. Did you see how freaked out Claire's dad was with the "Save the Cheerleader. Save the World" message? And I never saw it coming. I never though for a second that pixie haircut girl was a bad guy! She was supposed to be helping. She shot the "exterminator" when he snuck into the prof's apartment! I just can't second guess this show ever. Love it!

Dancing with the Stars. Ok, it was Halloween and I didn't get to see most of the second dances. I was kind and let the boys tape a scary movie. Remind me not to do that again! Emmett continues to surprise me. Joey looked much better but still a bit robotic. Mario made me cry. Really. Tears. I love him when he is sexy and spunky but this new romantic side? Beautiful. Monique still bothers me with her "they're harder on me than on the guys" chip on her shoulder. Yes, she's good. But face it. It's harder if you're a girl in this competition. It wasn't a shock or surprise. I didn't see how she did in her second dance. I hated her first one. She didn't straighten her knees even one time and it looked like she was crouching through the whole thing.

Hopefully the results show will tape tonight while I am out without any glitches. My mom is babysitting tonight and doesn't know how to work anything electronic. Could be trouble.

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October 10, 2006

Mirror girl is still scary and ewww....the ending!

I find myself spending a better part of this show going "oooh! loook!" and "what? what was that? Rewind it!" I always come away with more questions than answers.

Love Hiro and his enthusiasm. He completely rocks. Love flying guy but not his slimy brother.

Mirror girl just creeps me the hell out. What's the deal with the ring? It's going to give her leverage over her ex-husband? Who was demanding to see her?

And ewwwwwwww. The ending. Bad enough we had the nasty rape scene and the stick through the brain but imagine waking up like that??!! Gah. nasty. Should be fun to explain and even more fun to get even with that jackass quarterback. But did anyone else think that the change in the quarterback was jarring? I thought we were being lead to like him, and maybe we were, but then all of the sudden he was an ass. I know they were going for shock value but it just felt like they changed storylines on us midstream.

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