February 09, 2007

maybe nothing to worry about?

I was worried about the "very special three part" Grey's Anatomy but so far I am riveted. It is very sad and the small girl with the blond braids couldn't act her way out of a paper bag, but I am less worried than I was.

And when did Karev get so hot? Was it when he stopped being so assholish and became snarky yet caring? Oofah.

oh, please please please don't show that woman's mushy face again. ew!

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February 03, 2007

Tears, tears and more tears

If you didn't cry this episode, I don't know why you are watching this show.

Her mom is the meanest mom ever. in. the. whole. wide. world. I guess you could see why at the end, but it didn't make it better. I kept thinking of that scene in American Beauty when he insults the girl by saying she'll never be more than ordinary. What a cruel thing to say to someone.

George is adorable. Glad that he finally stood up for Callie but I think they went overboard making Izzie cruel to her. Izzie just isn't that cruel and thoughtless of a person. Hello? 8 million dollars and the girl doesn't even go shopping. Just opens a clinic. She seemed a bit out of character this week.

Meredith is a whiny pain in my ass sometimes but this week she had reason to be whiny.

And I was sobbing when Richard was in there with Meredith's mom. He said what she needed to hear after all.

Great episode. Nervous about the "very exciting three part story" coming up. Gah. Don't get all ER on us. ER can do it, most of the time, but Gray's Anatomy works the way it is. Don't blow it.

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October 13, 2006

Right choice? Wrong choice?

Why does she have to choose? I was liking both.

That said, I am not sure that McDreamy was the right choice. I would have gone with Finn. Of course, later on I would have had steamy adulterous sex with McDreamy so, ya know ;)

Oh Izzy....when you stop wallowing you are going to realized you don't ever have debts again. Did you see the figure on that check?!?!?!

Love, love, love McSteamy. He makes everything just that much more fun and obviously hot.

"How's the dirty mistress?"
"Haven't you heard? Now I'm an adulterous whore."

I enjoy high Meredith. She's funny and very honest. Plus, she thinks Bailey is cute. And she is, isn't she?

If Finn really gone? Really?

And Callie. Naughty, naughty, Callie. But can you blame her even one little bit. Really. Spineless George or McSteamy. No choice. At least not for a night of hot and sweaty romping.

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October 02, 2006

did I not post this week?

Don't panic. It isn't as if I haven't been watching TV. I have! I have! I have not been working, cleaning or being sporty, honest!

Gray's Anatomy: Oh hell yes! She get's both. Could there be a better answer? I mean besides them getting all covered in something slick and wrasslin' it out for us? Dating. What a great idea. Yay for this show. Yay for lots of fun watching them date and watching the men "compete." Yay, also for Burke's dad who not only manages somehow to put up with Burke's mom (yikes!) but also gives a subtle attagirl to Cristina.

Dances with the Stars: I know that Jerry is the weakest dancer, but let's face it...he has throngs of fans voting for him every week. He's not leaving easily. That said, Harry needed to go. I loved Lisa last season but Harry was just stiff and awful and had this damn chip on his shoulder. Ew--and he had some weird fake orange-y tan thing going on the completed the Ken action figure package. Yuck. So he's outta here, my rule breakers stay, and I am looking forward to this week.

Desperate Housewives: Stupid ass Bree. You get what you deserve this time. Could you please like someone that isn't f-ing psycho? Please? And Lynette? How I love you? Drinking and setting up Nora with Carlos was priceless. Carlos and Gabbie's baby was the best twist so far this season. I don't like Susan and her new whiny, clingy guy. I get it. Mike will wake up. There will be a triangle. Just pick Mike and be done with it. He's hot, he puts up with her crap. He can fix stuff with his shirt off around the house. Just pick Mike!

Brothers and Sisters: Still giving this a try. This week was a little slower as they established back stories but it was still good. We'll keep with it a bit longer.

Watched the catchup episode of Lost. The voice-over guy bugged the hell out of me but after watching I am very excited to see the season premiere. Can't wait!!

Oh, TiVo will be working overtime this week since the playoffs start and my Mets will be there!!

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September 22, 2006

You were crying too, right?

I was sobbing when we got through the recap portion of Gray's Anatomy. By the time it was the season premier I was a wreck.

McDreamy...sigh. But then. Hold up. Where does he get off being such a self-centered asshat and being all "choose me" when he made this mess and now Meredith has just found hot vet guy? Of course, it's because Meredith found hot vet guy. grrr. Does she have to choose? Can't they all just get along. And maybe with jello??

And dumb George. Say it back!!! She's nice. She loves you. And she could seriously kick your ass.

Loved, loved, loved the "lost and found" bit.

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