March 21, 2012

Billy Joel Week

Yes, I'm old enough for Billy Joel to be a favorite. So listen up Idol wannabes - don't screw this up.

Deandre - Apparently no listening to my warning. What is the weird head bobbing about? Have you never heard this song? Do you not understand the lyrics? He's trying to get a girl to sleep with him so it's possible you don't understand. That was dull and boring and I can't stand him. Or the hair. What is the audience cheering about? No Steven. It _was_ too happy. Thank you Randy. One voice of reason. And if only the good die young? Deandre will live to be an old man

Erica - New York State of Mind - oh diddy, they don't sing this at Yankee Stadium. They sing this at Citi Field. tsk tsk tsk. Wow! What a makeover. I think I like it. Good song choice. Really like her this week. So much better than hair boy. So what will the judges do? Ah a bit of sanity. lol And then J Lo.

Points to Ryan for the Sanjaya ponyhawk reference.

Joshua - She's Got a Way - probably best voice in competition, I just don't always like him. Nice rendition but a little to gospel and again I don't know if he understands the song. I don't feel a connection, just a voice. And J Lo agrees with me. That might be a bit scary.

Skylar - Shameless - good girl. good choice. she's so adorable. umm, where are the boots? i wanted more from her. end picked up though so she'll be ok. possibly too many changes to the song. i don't know. something didn't sit right for me but it could be because i have sobbed along to that song too many times.

elise - vienna - so far so good. another good choice. very impressed. standing ovation from the judges. interesting. i really think she could do well.

phillip phillips - way to stick with what you know. - moving out - sounds great. he is perfect. don't screw with him. my favorite so far easily. and at least the judges recognize he knows who he is.

hollie - honesty - powerful voice but faking emotion might not sell. she looks like pedestal barbie. i'm not liking it. something is off. judges are harsh and podium barbie is now excuse barbie.

heejun - anthony's song (my life) - oh heejun, it is definitely time to go home. the theatrical shit needs to stop. so awful. this is like keeping blind guy. see ya heejun.

jessica - everybody has a dream - bad song choice. not loving this so far. bored now. and billy joel is crying.

colton - piano man - i was afraid that i would resent any changes to this song. it's a classic. but i would buy this one right now. absolutely brilliant.

phillip, colton, erika - my favs for the night

please send heejun or deandre home

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March 08, 2012

sending first one home

I had forgotten just how much I hate group numbers. Only time they were fun was when blind guy was dancing. And sure that's mean. But face it, he was hilarious.

Colton, you are quickly going from guy I liked to creepy ass poser guy. Phillip, you are adorkable.

At this point, there are so many of these people I would love to send home, I can't imagine I will care who goes tonight.

Nice! Make the giant girl a giant and then cover it up by adding other "giants."

Jessica, Elise and Hollie - Obviously, Jessica is safe. She's gonna peak way too early. No surprises here. Elise is in bottom three. Judges pretty much made sure of it

Heejun, Jermaine and Colton - Pleeeeeease send Heejun home. How is J Lo pimping him. He's awful. I like Colton a lot more before. And yes, I'm sure Jermaine is very sweet. But a low voice isn't always a good voice. I don't like him at all. I'm thinking they're all safe. But I'm hoping Heejun goes to bottom 3. Ugh. oh well.

Kinda weird and creepy performance by last year's runner up. She looks like she might still get eliminated tonight. haha.

Erica, Shannon and Skyler - This is a no brainer unless tall girls all united to keep her in the competition. Wow!! Erica???? They screwed this up big time. Shannon you knew this was coming.

Joshua, Phillip, Deandre and Jeremy - I love Phillip. The rest, I don't care about. Joshua and Jeremy can sing but bore me to tears and Deandre just completely squicks me out. Jeremy and Joshua. Makes sense to me.

Jermaine, Shannon, Jeremy and Elise - Jermaine is safe. Whatever. The judges are gonna keep pushing him. How the hell is Shannon safe after that train wreck of a performance????? Elise should stay. I'd be surprised if it was Jeremy unless JLo is just gonna gush about how sweet he is and how he "feels" the music.

Thankfully they made the right call. Jeremy wasn't going any where and I think Elise might have a week or two left in her.

And really? Scotty?

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March 07, 2012

Top 13

Wow, hey tall girl. Perhaps you should be rockin the f me pumps. Just sayin.

And always tell them not to sing stevie or whitney and then you schedule an entire theme week around just that. well don't complain when they can't handle it.

Joshua - they are pretty much tellin him he wasn't any good at this style. and then said he's gonna blow it out. it's gonna be a long week. i think this guy might have best voice on show but he needs to work on stage presence and mannerisms. it's like watching a sitcom. and of course the judges love him.

Elise - greatest love of all. really? thankfully they gave her another song. she's gonna cry. she is gonna be in big trouble this week. what is that dress? i can't decide how this is going which is a good sign it isn't going that well. j lo is trying to sugar coat it. if she isn't gushing then you know you're in trouble.

Jermaine - i'm sure he's a very sweet guy. and his voice is just fine. i just can't see what all the fuss is about. i don't think he should have been brought back and i'm not even listening to most of his song. he's good. he's nice. i'm bored. i'm sure the judges will gush about how right they were to bring him back. yup.

Erica - at least they told her not to sing like whitney. i like her. but again. bored. hey randy...say like a few more times dawg. they keep telling her to let go. bets on the week she lets go they tell her she has to watch her control?

Colton - can't decide if he's a poser or i real deal. i kinda like him though. mumble mumble mumble. there's the voice i was looking for. nice

Shannon - she has a big voice but she's kinda all over the place tonight. rehearsal was much better. she didn't hit big notes. blew the verses. wow. what a mess. could be trouble for her. aw she's crying. she knows. judges are coddling her.

Deandre - I'm not sure who i want to go home more - deandre or heejun - but there's something about this kid that just makes me want to smack him repeatedly. the hair. the weird smile. the falsetto. gah. is he gonna cry again??

Skyler - and no i do not look like her. just to squash that weird rumor. making whitney country. well...ok. nice job. so far the only contestant i didn't sleep through. easily the best so far. and bonus points for being able to walk in those shoes.

Heejun - he's not funny. not funny. please go home. please stop trying to be funny. why don't you try to sing? that would be good.
and we're back to boring.

Hollie - nice job. i don't even have anything snarky to say. although her ring looks like she's holding a cigarette. just sayin. oh and honey. if you're gonna raise your arms up over your head. get rid of the stubble. wow.

Jeremy - what? someone's singing? i'm gonna nap.

Jessica - i am soooo tired of hearing this song. yes, she did a very good job with it. but really? does it matter any more. i'm sure she'll get lots of joy and praise but i don't care if i ever hear this song again.

Phillip - and he gets the golden spot. i love him. hopefully he won't screw it up. already like him better than most. love his geeky little quirky moves and that voice! sounds like something i would want to listen to. and it almost seems like he's having fun. better watch that. and yet no standing ovation because he didn't do powernotes and powersquats

And that ends the first round. Kind of underwhelmed in general. I think Shannon is in serious trouble. Although I would love to see Heejun or Deandre pack it in and head home. I think Phillip and Skyler might be my favs for the night.

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March 01, 2012

big cuts

Jeremy, Chase and Phillip - Only one I care about is Phillip which means I'm sure he'll be leaving. Dim the lights. Holy crap I get one that I like. Suck it giant forehead dude.

Holly, Brielle, Hallie and Jessica - See ya Brielle. Not disappointed. I like the other three so let's see where it goes. I'm thinking the young ones. Yup. Hallie is gone.

Adam, Joshua and Heejun - Joshua is the easy choice here. Yup, he's through. WTF???? Heejun makes it through? Vote for the worst already?

Skyler, Baylie, Shannon and Chelsea - Well we know American Idol Barbie is going home. Shame cause I liked her during auditions. You know you're screwed when the only thing the judges can say is "you're pretty." Tall inspirational pitcher's daughter girl. She might get through. Otherwise this is Skyler all the way. yup. tall girl and Skyler.

Creighton, Aaron and Reed - This proves I am not going to get who I want. I'd like to see all of these guys. If I had to send one home it would be Reed. Aaron is good but a bit cliche. But Creighton has something completely different and I'd like to see what he can do. Plus he's adorkable. Wow. Aaron is out. Shit. No Creighton. And no Reed. This was an asshat move. All 3 sitting down.

Elise, Erica, Haylie and Jenn - Hoping for Elise. The rest can go. Well look at that. Not bad choices. I like her better on relisten than last night.

Deandre, Eben, Colton and Jermaine - Ok people. Do not screw this up you freakin teeny boppers. Colton is the only one here that should go through. And Jermaine had his chance. This round could really piss me off. Deandre workin the hairography. Please go home. "oh my gosh mom!" can I please smack the 16 off this kid?

Dammit Ryan!!! I actually fell for that crap. At least the payoff is that Colton is in. Wow. Teeny bopper is headed home. Less cranky than I thought.

Now save Creighton and I might actually be interested in this season.

OK six to sing -
Jenn - I might like her. She has possibility. Won't win but could hang in for a while.

Jeremy - blah blah blah. Just not enough to this guy's voice. I'm glad he's a big guy who's sweet as a teddy bear but I don't care about him at all. JLo is crying and he's thanking jesus. Please save me.

Brielle - stop humping Ryan and sing. Hello NY accent. Are you freaking kidding me? Someone Like You? Did you not listen to any criticism. And you bitch out on the high notes?? Really?? See ya

Deandre?? - They're just f-in with us now. Oh look more hairography. Brit could teach this guy a thing or two. Georgia? He is doing better than Brielle but I think he's destined to be this year's Sanjaya.

Erica - Gaga huh? Much better song for her than last night. She might have saved herself. But damn get that woman a stylist.

Reed - Well, I like him but I really wanted Creighton. Kinda pissed about that. Well, get it done Reed. Oh yes, pan over the losers. That's kind. There ya go. I like this guy. He's a dork but ya gotta love that. He can perform and please pick him over hairography. He can go further in the long run.

I'd like Reed, Erica and Jenn. What do you think the chances are?

Erica gets first spot. Stylist now please
Jeremy. Really J Lo. What a waste of a spot. Stop hugging and crying.
Deandre? Again waste of spot. Jenn and Reed deserved to stay.

These choices blow.

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February 29, 2012

and now the girls

Hoping that the results have something to do with talent and not skirt length.

chelsea sorrell mumble more please. and who the hell dressed you? not feelin the love from the judges. carrie might not have been a good choice. she's going home.

erica vanpelt wow another awful wardrobe choice. looks like scary ass divorced woman at girls night out. points for moving in those heels. bored with voice. bored with song. she's ok. better than first but still don't care.

jen hirsh well i was wondering how long it would take til someone sang adele. you need the raspy voice and you can't fake it. nice one note. better than others. but c'mon. this is all there is??

brielle von hugel started too low chick. you better be going somewhere with this. ok....went somewhere. just not sure it's somewhere i wanna go too. she'll stay.

hallie day only one i've liked from the start. finally. now don't screw it up. first one who really deserves to stay.

skyler lane well she's energetic. i might even like her growly voice. but this song sucks and the dress is distracting. she's a little scary. she'll stay too

baylie brown rough start. find the notes. american idol barbie might be in trouble here. stronger finish but she was just lost out there for most of this song. baylie's going home.

holly cavanaugh disney song? well she is 18. again. starting too low. better take it somewhere. nice range up high. good move not to move too much on those heels. if she promises not to talk or do more back story nonsense - she can stay.

haylie johnsen bad song choice. bad singing. bad outfit. this is almost painful. when she gets backstage her things will be packed. how did she get this far??

shannon magrane oh goodie. an inspirational song. still a better voice than most tonight. low nights are just not on though. she might make it through.

jessica sanchez voice trouble. oh please stop talking. you're 16. you are not a role model. not a bad voice though. hate to admit that. and one of the only contestants who knew how to dress for this. i might like her. just no more talking.

elise testone close as i'm gonna get to hometown girl. like her. she's gotta work on losing the accent though. decent voice. hopefully she'll stay around.

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season 11 and we're still here

So here we go - ignored most of the auditions. Just couldn't bring myself to watch. But let's give it a go with the first round of boys. Also, Dear Idol, the bring a camera home thing is annoying.

Reed Grimm - I wanna love this guy. He's jazzy and just dorky enough to be adorable. However, song choice? Eh. Not my favorite. He did a good job with it as far as it goes. The odd, Shelia E drum thing will get old fast if it's overdone but for this round it'll do. If you're gonna do jazz then go for it and do it. Won't win anything by doin it half assed.

Adam Brock - Apparently the man with a large black woman trapped inside of him. Ugh. And please, please never use the phrase white chocolate again. Aretha is a brave choice. Nothing spectacular and he looks awkward like it's his first day in a pudgy guy's body. Judges apparently think he's brilliant. I think he's ok. Oh please, please let the chocolate jokes stop.

Deandre Brackensick -I was all set to dislike this guy until the 76 Trombones clip. Hahahaha. And then he sang...ugh. Hit at least one note dude. Too much hair and not enough voice. Whether it was nerves or not he was awful. Bad song choice. Terrible performance. I think there was one decent note in that whole song. Wow. You need to go. What are the judges smoking? They are making me miss Paula. She seems sane in comparison. Perfect? what? Ready to go? Is he givin out favors backstage?

Colton Dixon - This is the guy that took over his sister's audition. He's got an 80s movie vibe going. Not a fan of this song but I like this guy. J Lo is giving her "sing from your heart" speech. Should keep track of how many times she says that crap. So far I like him.

Jeremy Rosado - And why are we rockin the member's only jacket?? He's gonna be workin the I'm sweet angle. People might like this guy. Missed some notes but could be nerves. Not sure what I think of this one.

Steven "I'm as confused as a baby in a topless bar" bwahahahahaha

Aaron Marcellus - going with Jackson 5 song. So far the only background story I even gave a crap about. Cliche outfit choice. I'm not sure if I like this guy or just wanna like this guy enough to overlook cheesy outfit and song choice. Sure it's classic but it seems like the easy choice. Nice voice though and if we run with the premise that this is actually about singing - this guy should stick around.

Chase Likens Whistling? Really dude? And our first country guy. If I don't look at him he's alright. Unfortunately I occasionally look up at the screen and there's something smug about this guy that makes me wanna smack the West Virginia off him. I think it's because his hair looks like every villain from an 80s movie (yes I know that's my second 80s movie reference)

Creighton Fraker What a goofball. I'm not sure if I love that about him or if he's a poser. And continuing our 80s theme for the evening, he chooses True Colors. He's no blind show choir but not a bad version. Like the voice. He should stay. Another "sang from your heart" comment from J Lo.

Phillip Phillips - Honestly. 80s. It's not just me. Butchering In the Air Tonight. Shame is that I think I like this guy's voice. But he's headin home. Only thing in the air tonight is his plane back home. Would be interesting to see what he could do if he stays.

Eben Franckewitz - This year's youngen. I automatically want to dislike him. Chose Adele. Little Bieber wannabe singin Adele? Nope. Not even gonna bother to learn how to spell that nightmare of a last name.

Heejun Han One of the only audition eps I watched was Hollywood week. And after watching this guy interact with the annoying ass cowboy I'm over himy. But points for saying he wants to show people that Asian people can not only get a high score on their SATs but sing as well. haha Bored now...

Joshua Ledet - And here's this season's gospel guy. And he's wearin a teeny tiny jacket. Again, if I'm not looking, I like the voice. Definitely a talent. Purely on talent he would stay. I'm not sure if the personality is gonna be a plus or a minus. For me? I am gonna have to try and get past all the praisin and prayin. But he's through. Not that the judges have had any appearance of common sense tonight but he gets the first standing ovation.

Oh boy. The big reveal. Who did they save? Who really cares? If you're going with 12 guys then choose 12 guys. This crap is getting old fast.

Jermaine Jones - I don't even remember him from auditions. Holy crap! He's twice the size of Ryan. Keep him on the show just for that. hahhaha. It was sweet. It was emotional. I was bored. Shame.

So who stays.
I like Colton Dixon, Joshua Ledet,Creighton Fraker, Reed Grimm and I wanna give Phillip Phillips another chance but I'm not sure how that's gonna play out.

Youngen will get the teen girl vote.

Dial Idol has the top 5 only agreeing with me on one spot. Youngen is first. Because apparently we aren't listening at all.

Looks as if I'll only have one guy I like and he's in danger of being voted off. People are ridiculous.

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March 31, 2011

Top 11...again

Scotty- Don't care if he's a one trick pony. It's a good damn trick. However, I wasn't sure this was his best performance. He has so much voice and personality though that it really doesn't matter. He's all aw shucks charming and the country fans will lap that right up out of their feedbags. He's gonna do well after Idol.

Naima - Blech blech blech. In her defense though, I hate when the judges tell contestants to mix it up and take a chance and then hate it when they do just that. But I dunno, maybe with a little medicinal help.....

Stefano - He was fighting so hard to keep his eyes open while he sang I thought he was gonna sprain something. I wanna like this kid but he just doesn't have it. I'm not sure how he got to this point. He isn't bad, he just isn't that good. Think he's in serious danger this week with two leaving.

Pia - Gah. Good thing she listened and didn't do another ballad. Ok, she's good at them. She has a good voice. But I can't stand her and I can't get past that. She is so damn boring. And so overly high maintenance that I have to try hard not to fast forward through every performance.

James - Good song for him considering it was Elton John week. "Afraid of having a Pepsi moment." hahahaha. James is gonna be around for a while. He's got a strong rock voice and there aren't many of those this year. Plus, he's just likable.

Thia - See ya.

Lauren- I liked this performance but if it hadn't been Elton John night I would have been shaking my head and wondering why she took on such a famous song. And I loved her while the judges critiqued her. Steven Tyler's comment about affording the other half of the dress was too funny! But then, oh Lauren, please don't talk. Don't try and be cute. Don't try and seem genuine. Just smile, nod and sing. Seriously. You are going to lose a thousand votes every time you speak.

Casey - I always look forward to him and was stunned to see what happened last week. But he had had two off weeks. This was the Casey that I love. Perfect choice. Great delivery. Love love love this guy! Plus the beard is a lot less frightening now.

Jacob - Great big voice and the quirkiest over the top personality. Still, I think this was a good choice for him. They're right though. He has to stop being so dramatic. It's a little offputting and he's scary sometimes.

Haley - I like the growl. How did she learn the words? Did anyone ever know that those were the words? I may be in the minority here but she is growing on me every week. I hope she makes it through but I think she could be in trouble.

So who should go? Well, I'd like to see Thia and Stefano hit the road. But Paul could be in danger. What? I didn't write about him. It's opening day of baseball season while I'm watching this. Priorities!!! So I miss a few and some of the comments are lamish. Baseball!!

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March 02, 2011

top 24 - yeah, it's that time already

I am going to hold off on detailed reviews until we weed out the more craptastic contestants but for now let me make an obvious prediction--a guy will win this season. Honestly, there was no comparison between the top 12 guys and the top 12 girls. The girls were all cookie cutter singers trying to out skank each other. Please note: you shouldn't power squat when the camera is aiming up your damn dress. Then again, most of them will need to resort to a porn career or work the pole because they are not going to be singing for a living.
Lauren and Lauren were the only girls that I even mildly enjoyed and on a good night I wouldn't have been impressed with them at all.
The rest were so predictable. We've seen it before. Every season.

The guys though. There are three or four of them that don't even need Idol. My favs so far:
Casey Abrams - that is one amazingly talented Seth Rogan look alike. Please bring back the stand up bass soon!
Jacob Lusk - Didn't like this as much as his God Bless the Child but he has the voice and the personality to stick around for a long time.
James Durbin - how can I not cheer on someone with Aspbergers? And yeah, yeah, I know that I have complained over and over about not caring about the backstories but this one is too close to home. And....he can sing. I was worried about the screetching but he kept it in check and was probably the most fun of the whole night.
Scott McCreery - Get this boy a recording contract! And I don't even like country music for the most part. I cannot believe that that voice and personality are coming from a 17 yr old boy!! He will be a recording artist at the end of this no matter where he places. Just have to wonder how he'll handle theme nights.
Paul McDonald - I have a soft spot for this guy. Like his voice. Not sure that last night was his best performance (damn I sound like Season 10 Randy) but I still like him. He's quirky and different and could have a couple of "holy shit!" nights.

Now--the whole crew of pretty boys? Go home. Please. Now. Before teenagers with cell phones vote you through. I can't stand it. No more ballads to make the tweens swoon. Go away.

And Brett - with the hair flips and the goofiness - it looks like Sean White and Richard Simmons had a child. Have no fear. VFTW has got him in their sights. It's gonna be a long ride.

Dial Idol seems to agree with my choice of guys but for some reason the results look a bit more clueless when it comes to the girls.

We'll see what happens. And can we see without having to give up another night of Glee please? Thanks.

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February 10, 2009

I'm baaaaaack

Are you watching? Were you as happy to see Bikini Girl gone as I was?
Do you love glasses/church music teacher guy? Broadway black hair rocker guy? Oil rig guy?, whatever, kind of geeky but great voice guy? Blond hair girl...not that one though, the other one?

Do you hate Tatiana as much as I do and dread watching her plead tomorrow when they tell her that she's done? Did you love watching everyone's face in the room they moved her to when they thought they were out because they "knew" she was?

So far, I'm having fun this season. Broadway Nick/Ned whatever won't get through but he was funny for 5 seconds or so. Hairband guy has got to go.

And yes, I peeked at the list for the 36 but since I don't really know a bunch of those there's still some suspense left. The few that I really like, I know are through so I am happy. I did like the Osmond and he's gone and Castro's brother is gone as well but he just wasn't as adorable as Jason.

Enough babbling for one night.

Idol is back and that makes me a happy girl!

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May 23, 2008

a little something for the david cook fans

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May 21, 2008


They got it right! I was worried there for a while.

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May 01, 2008

Look who's going to be on Bones!!

Check this out.

Ace Young and Brandon Rogers are going to be singing on Bones. And yes, I had to watch the clip to remember who Brandon was. Shush.

But still, two of my favorite shows. And the question is...will Booth or Bones sing as well? He sang on Angel. It wasn't pretty but he did. C'mon, you remember him singing Mandy for Lorne, don't you? Just me? Ok then.

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April 30, 2008

He's still here

When will they finally send David A home? When can we all stop the suffering? Will it be this week when all the Boston Red Sox fans completely freak out over his butchering of Sweet Caroline? And why don't the judges ever criticize him? His voice cracked, he closed his eyes (again!), he made bond-headed melodic changes to well known tunes and the closest we get to criticism is Simon calling him clever. And you know that Simon meant he was choosing a song to save himself, not that it was a good performance--kind of like Kristy Lee's God Bless the USA choice way back when. Gah. Go home already.

Jason - I love you dude. I will buy your CD and I download your performances every week. First song was better than the judges gave you credit for. Second song was ok. But here's the thing--Jason isn't meant to sing this themed AI drivel. Let him choose his own song and he will rock. Let him play some Jack Johnson or Josh Radin and he will blow everyone off the stage. Remember Over the Rainbow? I hope he gets through this week so he can get a chance at a song that doesn't make him cringe.

Brooke - Creepy. That's the only word I can think of to describe that first song. It was like some bizarre children's party performance and one that would have made all the kids cry. Nightmare was exactly right.

David Cook - He won weeks ago and just proves it over and over. Careful though. I think the combover is creeping back a bit.

Syesha - I like her. I just don't think she should win Idol. She did well again last night. She has a great voice. But...she belongs on Broadway. And don't get me wrong, I love me some Broadway so it's not an insult. I just don't want to see her win here. So if she goes home, I won't be too upset.

Bottom two:

Jason and Brooke. It's a toss up who will go home. Hopefully the little tween voters will keep Jason around long enough for us to hear him do something in his genre.

Ultimate shake up? Send home friggin' David A. How great would that be. dialidol has him in the bottom three. It could happen, yes?

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April 24, 2008


So apparently, singing very well is the kiss of death on American Idol this season.

The two who had great performances the night before were in the bottom two? You know that when Brooke and Syesha came out you thought it would be Brooke. And then when Jason and Carly came out, even Jason knew it would be him. And then when it was Carly and Syesha, you thought, well, Syesha did great but I guess she's going home.

Damn. I didn't get one right all night!

She wasn't going to win but it still shocked the hell out of me that she went home last night!

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April 22, 2008

Happy Geek Night

I admit it. I was actually excited about tonight. But then again, I am a huge showtunes geek. What can I say? We all have our secrets.

Tonight's top performance -

I think this one is a tie between Syesha, whose attitude actually worked in her favor, and Carly, who finally chose a good song for her.

Syesha looked amazing and damn well should just head on over to Broadway and start her career there.

And Carly? So very glad she didn't bore the crap out of us with "All I Ask of You" and had a little fun with JC Superstar. Fun, fun, fun!

David C threw everyone off by doing the broadway tune as is. He's a showtunes geek too. So there! But damn, he sang the crap out of that song. Remember how creepy he looked in the beginning of the season? When did he get hot? How the hell did that happen?

Now, and this pains me to say, David A actually did alright tonight. He struggled to sing with his eyes open and kept the lip licking and panting to a minimum. Plus, he was really the only one to change things up and make a pop song out of a showtune. (Not that a lot of ALW's songs aren't "poppy" to begin with. Isn't that the usually complaint from showtune geeks?) Oh, and how funny was ALW. "I have two pieces of advice: one - stop singing with your eyes closed and two - stop singing with your eyes closed." I almost fell off the bed laughing.

Jason - Please, for the love of all that's good and hot, work on your interview skills. People want to love you. And then...never, ever, ever sing Memory again. No one should have chosen that tonight. Big mistake. And you aren't a power ballad diva. There were so many cool songs you could have chosen and you didn't even bother. You are hoping that the cute factor keeps you around another week but I'm not sure it will. I'll get right in line to buy your CD, but if it weren't for Brooke's gaffe, I would say you were the easy choice to go.

Brooke - You're done. Pack it up and go home. You took one of my favorite ALW songs and butchered it 1 1/2 times. You can't start over. You did that once before and should know better. At least being on the brink of tears kept her from talking during the judges critiques though. That's something.

So, not as much fun as I would have hoped but a couple of good performances. I might download Syesha, Carly and David C. So, they're my top three, leaving the others in the bottom.

Going home? Brooke, with the possibility of Jason. :(

Be still my heart! While Dial Idol is predicting that David Cook has the most votes and Carly, Brooke and Jason are the bottom three...for the first time, David A's margin of error leaves him in the possibility of being bottom three.

It probably won't happen and he definitely isn't going home, but it's so nice to know that it's getting closer and closer.

See ya!

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April 16, 2008

Only two really left

There were only two worth listening to last night. I watched it on the DVR somewhere towards midnight so I didn't have the patience to sit through anything that was boring or, to borrow a Simon-ism, Karaoke.

David A - Listen, every week isn't inspiration week. You are boring. You are young. You are working my last damn nerve. Even the people who liked you are tiring of you. Go home. Please. Spare us an "inspirational" finale. And stop singing with your eyes closed. It's creepy. Not as creepy as the "sincere" look into the camera thing you do but there are so many levels of creepy I don't know where to start!

Carly - I want to like you but that just wasn't very good. On the little review they do at the end, it was obvious that it wasn't on pitch and it was a bit screetchy. Step up or you could be heading home.

Brooke - I generally like Brooke. I don't think she'll win but she's a throw back kind of singer. Last night, again, boring. You have to do more than that and you have to actually hit the notes.

Syesha - Did anyone know that song? This could finally be it for Syesha since apparently someone keeps voting for Kristy Lee.

Speaking of which - Kristy Lee - I don't see it. I don't think she was better tonight. I think she is odd and she should have gone home weeks ago. Another one I fast forwarded through.

David C - Clearly the best of the night. Clearly, at this point, the best of this group. Love, love, love him. Even Simon had to admit it was the only performance that didn't sound like karaoke.

And then....Jason - Thank you Dreads for coming through again. I was worried that he had to go after David C. It can be tough to follow something like that. But he pulled it off.

David C and Jason were the only two I didn't fast forward right through. Who the hell thought that Mariah night would be a good idea? Gah. That was awful.

Bottom three - Could be any of the girls. But I'm guess Carly, Syesha, Kristy. Hoping for David A.

Going home - Carly or Syesha (don't ask me why KLC keeps on getting through.)

Dial Idol is showing Syesha going home and friggin Kristy not even in the bottom three.

They are also showing David C. as the leader followed by David A. and Dreads.

And Vote for the Worst is backing Kristy Lee for now but threatening to start supporting Dreads. I enjoy their recaps (although they still are whinging about David C. not giving credit for cover versions when he clearly does) and I clearly don't think Dreads is the worst, but if they want to throw their support that way, I'll be glad to have Jason around for as long as possible.

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April 11, 2008

What the hell is wrong with people?

Syesha, Kristy, and flippin' David A are still there and you send Michael Johns home?????

I really don't know what the hell people are thinking. Were you listening? Is it my fault? No recap and the bottom falls out? :)

I looked at that bottom three, wondering why the hell Kristy wasn't there, and thought it was a no brainer. Syesha would be heading home. You thought it too, didn't you? I know Carly and Michael did. I know the judges did. And why couldn't we spare one on Idol Gives Back week like last year. Because if that were the case, I know that he would still be around next week.

I am angry and very, very disappointed.

Bring on the CD Michael, I'll be first in line to buy it.

Stop voting for that annoying, cloying, breathless, blinky, lip-licking brat. Enough already. It's worse than Sanjaya. At least he was funny.

Also, enough with the religious songs. Enough. If you want my rant on it, it's over here. Not for those who have been enjoying the onslaught of uplifting, religious sap from the contestants.

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April 02, 2008

Even she thinks she should go

I completely agree with tonight's elimination week...since I know that no one is going to wake up and send the boy wonder home...can we please send home Kristi Lee? Even she knows it's way past time.

She made a sign!

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That was painful

Ok, let's have at it. Dolly Parton night was completely painful. The whole group standing around a piano singing 9 to 5? Did you see the expressions of their faces? David Cook was just praying that no one ever saw him singing that.

Syesha - Have you ever watched this show? Year after year they tell contestants not to do songs that Whitney has done (or Celine, etc) because you aren't going to live up to the previous versions. And don't get me wrong. I think Syesha did a decent job but you just know that when you choose a song like that you are begging for trouble.

Ramiele - Time to go honey. You are tiny but not nearly as cute as you think you are. And a good voice can't help terrible song choices and boring, boring, boring performances. Bottom three for you this week and I'd have a bag packed.

Jason - Best performance for him yet. He still stayed true to the style that suits him but he turned it up a bit and made a Dolly song listenable. That plus those eyes should keep him around this week. Let's hope that last week was just a fluke.

Carly - I had been getting tired of her. She just kept shouting her songs. So I was ready to not like her this week and when I heard her song choice, I was sure it would be a suckfest. wasn't that bad. Simon's comment about wardrobe had me cracking up. Haven't I been saying that all along. Please help that girl pick something to wear!

David Cook - Still one of my favorites. What a pain in the ass that he has to continually say he does give credit for the covers of the songs he chooses. Let it go people. He isn't stealing anything. Move on. I would download this song in a heartbeat. Great job on a song I've never heard. Heard he was in the hospital this week for heart palpitations. Scary. Hope he's ok. He is going to do well after Idol. Oh, and whoever did the makeover on his hair--thank you! thank you!! thank you!!

Kristi - Bwahahahahha. I am not sure that even on country week she pulled this one off. She looked at home and the dress with bare feet thing was very country. But...boring! So let's hope she's finally outstayed her welcome. Gah.

David A - Did he actually get to sing a Jesus song this week? Holy hell I can't even begin to describe the amount of skeeviness this kid inspires. He's creepy. That look he gives the camera is just wrong. Unfortunately, this cheesy ass "all is wonderful, praise jeebus" bullshit is going to sell and he'll be back at the top. I can't wait until he stumbles and falls.

Brooke - Good song for her but she seems old. I like her, I do, and I don't want her to go home but there's something about her that makes her seem so very much older than the other contestants. She should still be around next week.

Michael Johns - The highlight of a very dull night. He was great and bluesy and hot, hot, hot. We will not discuss the bizarre ascot that he was wearing. (What the hell was that about?) But he was completely amazing and made one more song listenable last night.

Bottom three - Syesha, Ramiele, Kristi

Going home - Ramiele

I am still dreaming of the day that David A is booted from the show. But after last night's good-feelin' jesus fest, I think he's around for a while with old women and tweens declaring him "just the cutest thing." Ack.

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March 28, 2008

Looks like another week

With Dolly Parton up on Idol this week, you might want to batten down the hatches for at least one more week of Kristy Lee. No way she is going home on country week. Plus, there have to be more patriotic songs she can pull out of her ass, yes?

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March 25, 2008

quick and mean

I will post more tomorrow but....

as always, it is my fondest and dearest wish that the breathless, boy wonder go home. This week was more excruciatingly painful than last. Please make it stop. Then he can go to a theme park or back to youth group and sing his corny ass shit while the old women tell him how cute he is.

David C. completely rocked this week. And don't bother with the "he stole that version" crap since he gave credit where credit was due. People cover songs all the time and he didn't try and pretend that he created that version.

Michael Johns...thank you for you being hot and singing something that was written before I graduated HS.

Dear god how young are these people??????

Kristy Lee...hrumph. You picked a song I friggin hate BUT no one is allowed to hate that song so you get the cheese vote for the night and will hang on by your damn fingernails for one more week.

Bottom three: Chikezie, Ramelie, and ???? Maybe Syesha (who did well but was kind of boring) Maybe Carly again? Maybe, as much as I disagree, Jason? My fondest wish....David A?

Going home... Chikezie

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March 13, 2008

The real way to know

You know what the real way to tell who your favorites are on American Idol?

Head over to iTunes (even if, like me, you despise iAnything and refuse to have an iPod staying with other brands) and download a few AI songs. It won't matter who's cute or who people think the leader will be. You're only going to download songs you actually want to hear again if you have to shell out your own money for it.

So who did I download? (Damn that sounds dirtier than it is)


Chikezie "She's A Woman"
Jason Castro "If I Fell"
Jason Castro "Hallelujah"
Jason Castro "Daydream"
David Cook "Hello"
Michael Johns "Across the Universe"

Hmm....see a pattern there? And if you would have asked me, I would have told you that I like him but I might not have considered him my favorite.

When it comes down to it though I would listen to (buy) his songs before the others. Easy choice. I even downloaded some of the artists he lists as an influence.

So, who would you download?

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March 12, 2008

Where David A crashes and burns

and still probably gets the most votes.

It's not a contest to see who's the cutest. Damn, I just want to smack the aw-shuckness right off that kid. Why are people loving him so much? I realize that the show is spoon feeding it to everyone with all the attention he's getting but even the judges couldn't come up with a positive spin for last night. He was terrible. And he didn't know the selections? Seriously? That doesn't make you endearing, it makes you pathetic if you're a musician. Go away David. Go away. Go sing at your youth group and make everyone there tear up with pride but go away please. I checked DialIdol and the little bugger is still far and away getting the most votes. Did anyone watch last night? Did you see him? Stop voting for crap. Dammit.


(Until he leaves there will probably be many more rants. Sorry)

Syesha - She tried. It was ok. I don't think it was as terrible as some people say but it won't be remembered. Luckily for her other people sucked too and she might slide by. Didn't like the hair either. Just wasn't her.

Chikeze - THE performance of the night. Honestly. Best. Hands down. I would buy that right now and he was fun and energetic and engaging and you just wanted to jump around with him. I love how excited he was. Great arrangement. Great song choice. I hope he continues to do well. For someone I thought could have easily gone home a few weeks ago, this was an outstanding performance. And still, people are voting for the breathless boy wonder instead. Ugh.

Ramiele - Too boring to waste time on. Singing a boring song to the annoying guy who was already kicked off doesn't seem like the best plan. I'd have a suitcase all packed just in case if I were her.

Jason - Adorable as always. I loved his arrangement. My fear is that as good as he is he won't stand out enough and the cute vote is being sucked into the black hole that is David A. I love this kid though and again, I would buy a CD from him. Great voice. Unique. He's going to have to be careful not to turn into a one-trick like Amanda though. He'll have to surprise some people one week to hang in there.

Carly - Ew. Please let the fashion people help you, 'k? Other than that, my god what an amazing voice. I do think that she gets a cushion because she's a "favorite." But she rocked this song.

David Cook - Again with the stylist. Someone help him, please. I like him a lot as long as I don't have to watch him. I like his interviews, I like him, but the hair....eck. I think he rocked Eleanor Rigby although I've seen mixed reviews. Started off a little shaky but he has a style and he doesn't overdo it. Odd song choice but it worked out. He'll stay. I love the Simon said, "If this show remained a talent competition rather than a popularity competition you actually could win this entire show." I'm not sure he could win but I agree that I would like to see people vote for the singers who are actually singing the best.

Brooke - Sincere. Good. But ultimately a little dull. I usually like her more. She'll be ok, again, because other people sucked more.

David Hernandez - C'mon, admit it. When he was giving "the eye" to the audience you were imagining him at the strip club. You just can't help it. It was ok tonight but he picked a bad song and it could be the end for him. He's cute but I don't know if it's enough.

Amanda - The hair. With extensions? GAh. When she talks she seems a lot less "rocker" than she is trying to be. She's a one trick pony and I don't know how long that will be entertaining. She picked a song that worked for her but I am bored of her. Did she do a good job? Sure. But eh. Who cares? Also, I hate that everyone on the show has to fit into some category. She's the "rocker." What crap.

Michael - I like him better this week than last week but he's still coasting by, sort of like Carly (although she is doing a better job performing), on the "favorite" wave. People are expecting him to be good and are giving him a little slack at times I think. I love his voice but I want to see him really pick something that works for him. This week was much better than last time. I don't think it was boring as Simon thought. He'll stay. And he gets bonus points for actually figuring out the words to Across the Universe because you know you don't know them and you just make crap up in the middle there. C'mon, fess up.

Kristy Lee - The "what the hell were you thinking" award this week definitely goes to Kristy. Holy Hell. That was like a cartoon parody of a country act. And the faces she makes are just disturbing. Pack your bags sweetheart. You can go back to singing at the country fair, if they let you after they watch that. It was frightening and manic and damn near painful. Gah. Stop making faces at me. And don't ever do that again.

And favorite performance of the week. And not because it was good but because I loved watching the mighty breathless boy wonder fall on his face even after they gave him the bonus slot, even after they play up the look how cute factor on his interview. And who the hell isn't familiar with any Lennon/McCartney?? Who? My damn kids know these songs and they're much younger. Hate, hate, hate this kid. So disturbing when he tries to play to the audience. Stop gesturing, it's weird. And REMEMBER THE LYRICS. If this was anyone else the judges would have eaten him alive. As it was, they didn't have anything nice to say but they know that the damn "isn't he cute" contingent will keep on voting this clown through. Why does Simon feel he has to explain that he is going to judge him the same as everyone else? If he's too young to take it then he shouldn't be there. Send him home. Please, please, please. I know it won't happen this week but send him home.

Best of the week: Hands down Chikeze. But David D and Carly had strong weeks as well.

Worst of the week: Kristy, Ramiele and David A.

Going home: Kristy should go but possibly David H or Ramiele.

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March 05, 2008

Go away, David, Go Away

I know you all are head over heels for this kid but I can't watch him without wanting to smack the crap out of him. He has a decent voice but he is an overindulged, aw shucks, playing the age thing for all it's worth, annoying, ready to break out into a singalong, overrated kid.


I feel better now. Since it's obvious that my dream world involves sending him home, we can safely move from my dream choice to who will really be leaving.

Luke - I wish you would have had a better showing. I think there's a good voice in there but last night was awful. And damn, the eye candy is seriously lacking this year so I would much rather have you stay but I am afraid you are on your way home. Bad song choice. Kills you every time.

Danny Noriega should be following Luke out but the vote for the worst people might slow that down. The problem is that if Danny N doesn't go someone who should get another chance will.

Michael Johns needs to step it up and stop doing that toss his head back, close his eyes and revel in the hotness of him move. I like him but he need to come out swingin if he wants to stay around.

Jason Castro is adorable. This is what adorable and sincere looks like. Not, I repeat, not the I'm this close to singing gospel cause I'm just that sweet a kid David A crap. Brilliant song choice. Brilliant performance. Love this kid.

Chikezie was better than the judges were giving him credit for. He did pick an overdone, too big song but he did well. Much better than David A (sense a theme here?).

David Hernandez is a real possibility this season. I know lots of us would vote for him if he promised to reenact his stage show;) But honestly, he has the looks, the stage presence and the talent. Watch out for him. He is getting better every week.

And David Cook. The only real "rocker" in the show this season. On a side note, I hate when they feel the need to call people that. Anyhoo, if I didn't have to look at him, he might just be my favorite. Shallow? Damn straight. But that's what this is about. Don't give me that singing contest bullshit. You and I both know that the ugly people don't win. So here's to David getting through to the finals where the stylists can work their magic. He may have a shot at this.

That's the quick and dirty. Please stop voting for David A. so the world can be a better place, really. He can go spread his sunshiney aw-shucks-ness elsewhere.

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February 27, 2008

Still watched

I managed to watch, infected wisdom tooth, fever and all. But there was no live blogging, that's for damn sure.

So here's the quick and dirty:

Michael Johns had better step it up. Last night was craptastic and if he wants to stay around he's going to have to do much better than rely on his previous charm and success. If I didn't already like him I would have been cheering for him to be sent home.

Chikeze is the comeback kid. I was seriously disappointed when he wasn't booted last week. But he was easily the best performance of the night.

The Jason's were the same as last week. Dreads Jason was endearing but needs to step it up a bit and other Jason was a bit off and a bit odd this week. The dancing? Umm, no. Don't do that. Really. Especially with a silver belt.

Danny Noriega still loves himself more than we could ever love him. He's annoying and hopefully won't Sanjaya this thing for a few more weeks.

David Hernandez is growing on me. Pictures of him as a stripper didn't hurt ;) Just kidding. He had one of the better performances of the night as well.

Luke Menard redeemed himself this week and damn that man is beautiful. Doesn't he look like Luke Perry? Is it just me? Whatever. Nice voice, beautiful man. Please let him hang around for a while.

David still gets on my last nerve. I know he's the cute, young one this year. But I just want to smack the crap out of his aw shucks face every time I see him. To each his own I guess. But I don't want to vote for someone who's great for 17. I just want someone who's great.

That's it. Robbie and boring Jason should go home but there are others hanging by a thread.

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February 22, 2008

They got it usual

Joanne was in my safe list. Sure, Amy should go home but there were a number of girls much worse than Joanne.

Garrett was sure to go home this week but, as much as I didn't like Colton, Chikeze should have gone home.

I'm sure this won't be the last week that I don't agree.

50/50 this week. They got half right.

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February 20, 2008

Girls night!

Cold and flu season hits tonight.

Kristi Lee Cook - At least Amazing Grace isn't a 60s song. I know she can sing that but let's see what else she can sing. What's with the cutesy eye stuff? Rescue me. She's cute but this performance is dull and the squinting, winking crap needs to stop. Also, it's a little early in the competition for the Idol power squats. I liked her better during auditions.

Joanne Borgella - She's from NJ and I like her from auditions so I am hoping for the best from Joanne. She's doing ok but she needs to relax a bit more and work the crowd. People wanted to like this song. Still much better than Kristi Lee. Damn Simon. That was rough.

Alaina Whitaker - Unlike my feeling that David is young and annoying, I find Alaina adorable. Ugh that shirt though. How dorky is Danny Noriega over there listening? Hahaha. I think she did alright but again it was a bit karaoke. She might have to realize that cute won't win this. She has a good voice so hopefully she'll trust it and not rely just on looks. Best so far but tonight that isn't saying a lot.

Amanda Overmyer - I want to like her but I am not sure that I'm not going to get tired of her. And oddly, she reminds me of my cousin which is very disturbing while I'm watching. She's kind of a one trick pony. Randi loves her "trousers" and the thought of him wearing them is frightening. Ha! Paula said one trick pony. She must be reading along while I type. She'll stay around. "Sorry for pulling out in front of you dude." She's fun.

Amy Davis - Ouch. Please hit a note. Just one right note. Shame since I really like her voice in the clips they played. Maybe it's nerves or she's one of the ones with the flu but that was painful in a night of painful performances and she's in really trouble this week.
Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

Brooke White - Better than I thought. I hadn't liked her at auditions but she's growing on me. And at least she wasn't winking and mugging for the camera. Good song choice. Good performance. "Washing up liquid?" Ok Simon. Not your cuppa tea. Simon is upset because he just presumes that she is just going to be nice for the whole competition. She is the anti-Simon. She's fun and Simon's fun with her.

Alexandrea Lushington - Her voice was a bit rough but I liked the performance. She's young but you forget it when she's on stage. Good sign. The judges are so damn happy to have someone to give a good review to. Ok, not Simon. He's right about the vocals. They weren't as strong as they could be but I think that the performance was good.
She'll stay.

Kady Malloy - Don't start off with the slow ballad. Nice voice but wasted on such a dramatic song. A pencil could imitate her? Not nice Simon. Pick it up a bit Kady or your in trouble.

Asia'h - Loved her during auditions but her voice wasn't as strong tonight. Picking a song that someone else already did is a bit dicey as well. Simon's favorite? Really? I liked it. I liked her. But I wasn't blown away.

Lame night so far. Please let my two favorites do something tonight. Come one Carly and Syesha.

Ramiele - I am going to call her Ramen noodles because it's just easier to remember. Nice voice but I don't think a ballad is the way to go on the first night. I figure you get one a season per contestant and it better be good. This was good, especially for tonight's group. I like her more than i wanted to.

Syesha - Finally. Finally someone came out and I thought they deserved to be out there. Yes, some trouble in the middle but she was great and had a fantastic presence up there. Best of the night so far. Easily.

Carly - Hrumph. Again with the ballad. Pretty voice. We already know that. But I'm going to have to agree with Simon. It was dull and if we didn't already like her we would forget her.

Syesha is far and away the best tonight.

Safe this week - Joanne, Syesha, Brooke, Alexandrea

In trouble - Amy, Kristi Lee, Kady

Going home - Kady and Amy

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February 19, 2008

The guys get it rolling but it's all about the hair

David Hernandez - Liked him better than I thought I would (not to sound too much like Simon!) but he really blew the end. And don't give me the single mom, rough life story upfront. Heard it. Seriously.

Chikezie - Gah. You worked hard. Good on you. But you didn't hit one damn note. You're outta here (unless someone else really sucks). Two guys and twice I'm agreeing with Simon. Could be a scary season. (Who's your stylist? Charlie Chaplin? Bwahahahahah!)

David Cook - The hair. Ew. The hair. But if you close your eyes he did pretty well. Muddled the middle a bit but I like his voice. But the hair and the closed eyes are a bit much to get past. He looks like an anime cartoon when he squinches his eyes up.

Jason Yeager - Oh yeah, he was the crier. Not sure if I found that endearing or weird. Guess we'll see. He's very smiley tonight, isn't he. And that's really all I have to say which doesn't bode very well. Nice voice but I think it was a bad choice of songs and I like that song. He's goofy but likable. I'd like to see him come back and do something else.

(one hour 20 minutes til Jericho)

Robbie Carrico - What is it with the hair this season? And please hit the first note, k? Brand new 'do rag for tonight, Robbie? All snark aside, I kind of like his voice. I'll give him a definite maybe.

David Archuleta - Am I the only person that isn't in love with this guy? He's a little kid. He comes across like a little kid. I don't find it sweet. I find it annoying. Go home. Grow up. He looks like a deer in the head lights and then he remembers, as if on cue, that he should smile. I know that I'll be fighting a losing battle on this one but he's just not the frontrunner everyone is making him out to be. Aw, Simon, I knew we wouldn't agree all night. Maybe I'm just missing it. And look, an "aw shucks" moment just to remind us of his tender age. feh. "I'm 17...gosh golly gee"

Danny Noriega - I'll try and keep an open mind but he loves his hair way too much. It's very distracting. Anyone else completely creeped out when he lisped about his swaggering attitude? If you want to pull off that number you have to actually be hot. I know people are going to like it because it was uptempo but I think he could have done better. He's corny. "I bring the house down everywhere I go." Ewwwww. "I thought the performance was verging on grotesque." Simon and I are back after that short parting of the ways over Baby David.

Luke Menard- a little dull but better than some of the others. I don't think he's forgettable--nervous maybe. And hey, decent hair, and apparently tonight for me, it's all about the hair.

Colton Berry - Yup, looks like Ellen. But she's fun to watch dance :) He didn't look suspicious. I like him more than I thought I would but tonight that's not saying much. He's over smiley and keeps missing notes. And....even Simon got in a hair comment tonight. I'm tellin' you, it's a theme.

Garrett Haley - Do I even have to say it? Do I? I had that hair in 1990. Oh no....we will be breakin' up. He didn't do anything with this song beside mess up the lyrics. That's right, Garrett. I know the lyrics. You should too. Wierd. Very weird. "Verging on haunted. Need some fresh air." hahaha.

Jason Castro - One of the guys we hadn't really heard much from before now. Grinning a lot but I kind of like him. Also, I like the idea that they can play an instrument. We're gonna call him goofy but good. Lost it a little near the end. And...since I know you're waiting for the hair comment. I like his hair. It just doesn't seem like it belongs on his head. Look at him. He could be rockin' a crew cut and a pocket protector easily. OH boy, Paula called him "joyful." Like this one.

Micheal Johns - Here is the one I have pinned my hopes on. And honestly, he's the hottest one here! Good hair, great voice, great song choice and damn that man is hot. G'day? Oh yeah. Damn. (Sparky is on the couch trying to pick him apart. Jealous much? haahaha.) Best, best, best of the night.

My favorites? Michael Johns, David Cook as long as we don't have to look at his hair, Luke Menard deserves another chance (since the choices are so awful) and Jason Castro.

Who's going home? Chikezie and Danny Noriega. But in a perfect world...David would be outta here as well.

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February 13, 2008

that was quicker than I remember

I thought Hollywood week sucked up more time than that.

I'm not complaining, that's for sure, but I'm just saying that the cuts seem to have gone much more efficiently this year.

Couple of points:

It was a good way to get through the long hours waiting for Jericho!

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January 23, 2008

Eee! Posible top 50

Found this while wandering around. At least now I know the name of the hot Aussie :)

Possible Top 50 List

With pictures to jog the memory, so far I am liking Michael Johns, Kristy Lee Cook, Kady Malloy, and Drew Poppelreiter. There was another one but it doesn't look as if he's on the list. We'll just have to wait and see.

I promised I post if any updates leaked. Look at your own risk. Also, believe this list at your own risk. Happily, my choices are there for the most part.

here they are!

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January 22, 2008

Still too many

The new contestants are going by in a whirlwind and I'm not sure that the standouts are really standouts and not just the contestants that AI wants us to like at this point.

I did like the Aussie though. Nice voice, nice look. Keeping my eye on him.

The 16 yr old was ok but I didn't understand the judges drooling over him. A hundred million percent? Really? Meh. We'll see.

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January 15, 2008

Tonight! It's finally tonight!

With the writers' strike stretching on I am even more excited than usual about tonight's return of American Idol.

Who's watching?

Are you having a party? Special snacks? Share!

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August 30, 2007

I doubt it

Kellie Pickler is scheduled to appear on a charity episode of "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader." (So is Clay Aiken)

The answer here is she's not.

But it might be fun to watch!

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May 24, 2007

Cut off at the good part

After faithfully watching Idol all season, recording it when I was out, running home to catch up, staying up late to see every last minute, I was cut off.

That's right. The DVR didn't anticipate Idol running over so I didn't get to see Jordin win. Sure, I knew she would. But I wanted to watch it. It's why we put up with two hour long result shows. So we can see the results!

At least the results show was more entertaining than DWTS drawn out montage results show. The awards make me laugh and make me wonder why anyone would put themselves up for ridicule like that. Good sports.

I cried at Tony Bennet, laughed painfully at Sanjaya and fast forwarded through Gwen Stefani. I felt bad for Taylor Hicks watching him perform knowing he just wasn't selling albums like the others had. But I just can't shake the disappointment of not seeing the results on a results show. Shame on you Idol for going over the time.

Congrats Jordin. Hope you do as well as Melinda will post-Idol.

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May 16, 2007

I don't know who was more surprised...

Blake or me. I assumed that Idol would go the way it always does giving the results to the one sure one first. I also assumed that it would be Melinda with Blake and Jordin left standing on the blue glowing stage while Ryan dragged it out as long as possible.

I don't know what I think about the results. I know that I wanted Jordin to win. But now, now that Melinda is gone, it may just be a case of be careful what you wish for.

Melinda will go on to great things. Will Jordin and Blake? Will it be like last season when we were all wrapped up in how much fun Taylor was without realizing that the ones with real promise were being eliminated one by one? Have you bought the Taylor CD? Yeah, me either. But I bought Chris Daughtry's and Elliot Yamin's. What does that tell you?

I am thinking Jordin has this won if she does well next week. Then again, I thought she would be battling against Melinda. What do I know?

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May 10, 2007

A disappointing week overall

The final four turned out to be not so fantastic. Tuesday night they all seemed a bit out of their element, even those who managed to do well. Maybe it was the song choices, maybe it was nerves, who knows.

But last night's result show was a wreck. That medley number? Not one of them looked like they knew the songs or wanted to be there. They phoned that one in. Thankfully I TiVo'd it. Plenty of fast forwarding last night.

LaKisha going home wasn't a shock. I had thought she might go earlier. She just never could live up to her first "You're Gonna Love Me" performance.

Blake is next, no doubt about it and then things will be interesting. While Melinda is the "resident professional," my vote goes to Jordin.


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May 02, 2007

50/50 Chance.

So Simon thinks that 50% of people will love Blake and 50% will hate it. I need another option. I have never been one of Blake's greatest fans so when I heard that he would be doing his own special brand of modernizing his song I was a little worried. Does anyone remember the last time he gave that a try? The same night that Chris Sligh did. And it didn't go well.

Here's the thing. He did a great job. I didn't love it. I don't have to choose. It isn't 50/50. Take that Simon. And I couldn't get over the bizarre hair change. Odd, very odd.

Speaking of hair...Jordin? What were you thinking? Tough night for my favorite Idol contestant. She just didn't pull off either the look or the song. She looked ginormous! At least she's endearing and humble and smart enough to know when things just didn't go her way. I think she has enough votes from last week to be safe no matter what. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Melinda was, as always, almost flawless. I love her. I do. I just don't want her to win. She certainly doesn't need to win to have a career. She's all set. Also? So glad we've lost the "who me? I'm talented? Really?" crap during judging.

Phil opened up the night strong. I really like him but I just can't put my finger on what's missing. He should be a really strong contender but instead I think he's in serious danger of going home tonight.

While we're talking about going home, I think that Chris has sung his last song on Idol. Sure, if Chris Daughtry hadn't done that song last season nobody would have thought Chris R's was all that bad. But Daughtry did sing it. And he rocked it. And Chris R. just isn't a rocker. Nice guy. Cute guy. Finished this week.

LaKisha, sweetie, don't ever wear that top again, 'k? That said, I think she did well this week. I just don't think she's going to win this thing. Now the only question is when does she leave? Dial Idol has her in the bottom two. I don't know.

My guesses for the two to go: Chris and Phil. But look out for Phil and LaKisha. Anything else would be a surprise.

After last week's record votes, I think that this week really didn't matter much. You aren't going to beat those vote totals. So that means that the bottom two from last week are in serious trouble.

Whatcha think?


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April 26, 2007

What was that?

No one goes home? While I agree that it would have been odd to have someone singing their farewell song after all of last night's sap and schmaltz, it was a little weird to see them all dressed as if they were in the Beauty School Dropout number from Grease and then sitting waiting for the axe to fall and it never did.

It was a fun show to watch even if it was a bit telethon-y. I liked the Stayin' Alive bit. The inspirational songs were a bit over the top but hopefully they raised quite a bit of cash.

Question for Idol fans...which, if any, of the precious Idol's CDs have you purchased?

Other than how well they are doing, which of this season's contestants would make you run out and buy a cd?

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April 25, 2007

Sappy Song Week

So they chose inspirational songs, 'eh? Well, ok. I'm just not sure that I was inspired by everyone.

Chris was good. But just good. I keep wanting something more from him and I'm just not getting it. No, not that ;) This week was better and a good song choice but it seems to be turning into same old, same old and I think that could put him in danger this week.

Melinda was, as always, perfect. I love her. I just don't want her to win. She doesn't need it. She already can perform circles around everyone and has a career waiting for her. She'll be fine without the win.

Phil was pretty good. Like him better last week. They're right, he was doing well with the country. Go with it. And maybe a hat helps? I don't know.

Blake was boring. I know, I'm apparently the only one who doesn't love Blake but I just don't find him that appealing and this week I thought his I'm-so-serious act just didn't work. Feh.

LaKisha is just about done. Yes, she's got a good voice but she only has one performance and we've seen it. Plus, the lisp is making me crazy. I can't be the only one who notices it. She'll do well, get a gospel contract or R&B but she isn't going to win this thing.

And now folks, my current choice for winner, Jordin Sparks. This kid has talent. She chose the oldest, dullest song of the night and made it work. I feel like I should be yelling Randy Jackson comments. she is just amazing and one of the few who are still getting better week after week.

So, what do you think? Bottom two? Chris and Blake? Chris and Phil? I think Chris could leave tonight but watch out for a surprise Lakisha exit.

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April 18, 2007

I'm a little bit country

So shoot me. I occasionally listen to country music. And guess what? I liked this week's idol. Some of these guys seemed pretty comfortable in this genre.

Melinda was better than she has been in weeks. I love that Simon told her to stop being surprised. Seriously. It's getting old. Loved the song. Loved her. Would buy that song.

LaKisha is in serious danger. She just isn't getting better every week like some of the others.

Phil even won praise from Simon! You know he had a great night. I really enjoyed him this week.

Jordin continues to just keep coming on. She honestly might win this thing. Yes, Melinda has the talent but you know she already has a deal lined up with her talent. Let's give this one to the kid.

Chris, Chris, Chris. I love you, I do but this week wasn't that good. And yes, nasal is a kind of singing. It's a kind of bad singing. It's what they teach you not to do. You lost a bit with me this week.

But the most important thing? I think the Sanjaya nonsense might actually end tonight. I am keeping everything crossed and taping it so I can fast forward to the good news.

Please, please, please.....

Dial Idol has him as last but they have some other shockers as well. There just might be an upset tonight. Isn't it that time in the season?

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April 05, 2007

I've begged, I've pleaded, nothing works

Sanjaya is still there. Gina wasn't going to win Idol but she certainly didn't deserve to be sent home before Sanjaya, or even Hayley.

Another week, another bad performance, another 'do. That's what ya get for voting for the worst.


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April 04, 2007

Someone please make it stop

Ok, everyone's had their fun. Now can we please send Sanjaya and his hairdo of the week home? It's excruciating to listen to and almost as painful to watch. The suit, the hair, the voice, the weird little, no longer charming but somewhat creepy smile--ah! He's had more than his 15 minutes now and the novelty has to be wearing off, right? Please?

Jordin was great as always. She is still getting better each week. Phil was good but how disturbing was it that Simon compares it to a song at a funeral home and Phil says he was singing to his wife? Eh?

Loved Chris and his jazzy little ditty. He looks great and just does what he does best. He is back to the Elliott Yamin dance steps but other than that I thought he was one of my favorites last night.

LaKisha was better. Her voice was amazing, her interpretation of the song was great but the pouty lip thing was odd coming from her. Sorry. Just creeped me out. She obviously deserves to stay but Jordin is going to give her a run for her money.

Haley is cute but Simon was right. It was a bit pageanty. Compared to the others she is just getting outsung. Shame, because she is adorable.

I know I go against popular vote on this one but I still don't really care about Blake. And last night? I hate to use the Randy non-word, but he was pitchy. I didn't like it. Chris was better last night.
Blake will just never be as cool as he thinks he is.

Melinda is just a force. There's no competing with that. I wonder though if people will just get used to it and she will peak too early.

So....Haley's long legs and big hair will be heading home. Gina might hit the bottom this week but I don't think she's really in danger. I wish it was Sanjaya but that's just too much to ask for.

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March 29, 2007

Results, shmesults

I happily zipped through the results show in fast forward. The best part was Ryan in the Sanjaya wig. But c'mon, fess up. Weren't you hoping that Simon would toss it on for just one quick moment? You know he took it home and was doing a mean karaoke in the mirror wearing the faux hawk.

Sorry that Chris never did as well as I thought he would. Should have stuck with the endearing geeky thing. We were loving that. Talented guy, wasn't going to win but didn't deserve to lose to the hair.

Oh, and how hot was Chris R. in the Ford commercial? Oofah!

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March 28, 2007

Will the faux hawk finally get him ousted?

Crazy, crazy day here but you know I couldn't resist posting about last night's Idol. The "faux hawk"... Really? Let's count the reasons Sanjaya should go home. I can count wait, 8 including the song. And while I love it when Simon gets as good as he gives, I'm sorry but Sanjaya is even a lame-ass when he is trying to be a smart ass. Please, please vote for the worst people, let him go now.

Phil was better than most but still not thrilling. At least he got a kind word from Simon. That was unexpected. Wish he lay off the hats. I could see his bald head through that one and it was very distracting. Kind of like a where's Waldo game. Where's the bald spot? Oh wait, there it is. I know, I must be crabby today since I actually like Phil.

Chris Sligh. I used to love him. He was funny, quirky, the geek we could cheer on. But he just didn't have it this week. I was bored at best.

LaKisha was better this week but still the same. Just the same. It might not be good enough after a while. She's got talent. That's never going to be the problem but if she gets boring nothing is going to save her.

Gina was great this week. Don't know if I was lovin' the boots as much as Randy but still loved her.

Chris R. was good this week too but I am still waiting for him to be great instead of good. You know? Those eyes work wonders though.

Blake was not as good this week. You know this didn't break my heart. At least there wasn't beat boxing involved. Maybe he is learning to mix it up a bit. I could appreciate that. I don't hate him, just think he's smarmy.

Haley looked beautiful and sounded decent. She will stay so the guys have someone to vote for.

Melinda was great as usual. I wonder though, will she peak too early and have people lose interest? I know she is fantastic but she will need to mix things up a bit to keep everyone voting.

Jordin Sparks is my current favorite. This kid is just adorable. She can sing and she isn't afraid to try different things. She doesn't seem like she's 17. I think she'll be around for a while.

Dial Idol is showing that Jordin is in the bottom three but the margin of error is so great that it might not be a problem. I would hate to see her go. She is one of the few that keeps things from being boring.

So, who was your favorite this week?

I predict Chris Sligh is heading home if the Vote for the Worst people keep Sanjaya in the running.

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March 21, 2007

British invasion night is much better than last week

I was stuck in jury duty today but here's the late recap. First off, Simon was smirking a bit too much when he asked Paula if she pictured him undressed. Those kids ;) I was tired. It made me laugh.

Haley needed a lot of spray-tack and double stick tape to keep that top from slippin' and slidin'. And I was afraid that those earrings would get up a momentum of their own and swing her right off the stage. Good song for her. Fun. And she was a bit "naughty" but with great shoes!

(Please, oh please, stop playing the Violent Femmes song for the Wendy's commercial. It's disturbing and you're ruining a good song. Thanks.)

Chris needs to stop singing ballads and get back to being fun. He was singing through his nose. Finally started getting it towards the end. Oomph, those pouty eyes help though. Yes, Paula, we get it, you think he's sexy. Not sure why the judges loved that one so much. Thought it was kind of dull.

Stephanie did not need anyone to encourage her "I'm just like Beyonce" nonsense. Crap! Now she's going to be more annoying. Yay for the band who completely rock on this song. She's losing her soul? She had one? She's very masculine for such a pretty girl. Something about her posture, looks like she's about to do the famous AI power squats. On the recap I noticed that she had terrible phrasing. Pet peeve. Bleh.

Blake is doing beat box. Shocking, I know. Voice sounded good but I'm glad I already knew the words since he ate them all. His voice sound weak on the mid-range/high notes. He's too smarmy for me. J wants to know if he's wearing PJs. Paula's gushing, again. He was better this week but I just don't love him yet. Ryan needs to stop singing and never. ever. dance like that again.

LaKisha might not have picked the right song. She looks pretty for LaKisha but I wasn't blown away this week and neither were the judges. Like Blake the one trick thing is getting old. Good for her though for saying that she would be happy if she looked like that 45 years from now. Take that Simon!

Phil was better tonight. Peter was loving him. At least I wasn't bored to death. He was doing some weird head wobble thing and is never going to be able to pull off the Daughtry vibe. The end was good but you knew the "pitchy" comments were coming. Shame he isn't hotter. I think more people would be voting for him. Good guy. Simon hates him. Poor Phil just looked so sad.

Jordin was amazing. And she's too damn cute. Love her a little bit more each week and wow, can she sing. Much better than Lakisha this week. My pick for best vocal of the week. Gloomy isn't always bad. I would buy that song if it were released.

Ew! Don't you Sanjaya as a teaser for the next segment! Is that supposed to scare us aay? Who wants to see the wild side of Sanjaya?? know I want him gone as much as anyone else but he was at least better this week. Creepy, but better. At least his hair wasn't distracting. Aw, don't cry weird girl. Simon cracked me up. "I think the little girl's face says it all." Ashley is going to turn into a puddle of goo from hugging Sanjaya. Ew. Sanjaya, please don't do that tongue thing when you are begging for votes, it's nasty. And don't squat at Paula again. Bleh.

Love Gina's new 'do. And hey, Gina reads blogs. Who would have thought? Shaky start on this one. Low voice needed to be grittier. Weird middle part too. It was all odd and disconnected. The ending was better but I just wasn't impressed this week. "Moments of complete torture" might be a bit strong but it wasn't great. She was all style and no content and it wasn't even that strong on style this week. She just missed with this one. She looks so sad though. Hang in there Gina!

Chris was much better this week. Awkward weird audience start going on but he got through it. Funniest sign of the night "Bringing Chubby Back." Was he lisping? Really, I thought I heard it. Loved Simon aggravating Paula tonight. He was just still happy that people were picturing him undressed.

Melinda bored me to tears this week. Yeah, yeah, I know. Great vocals but I hate the stage sitting nonsense and I didn't like the song. I'd like to see her do something a little more fun. She can win this thing easy if she doesn't put the voters to sleep.

Poor weird crying girl was up on stage hugging everyone. I'm sure she won't get teased about that for the rest of her natural life. Oh well, she was so happy she couldn't stand it and how often does that happen to people? Good for you weird crying girl.

So who goes home this week? My fondest wish is that it's Sanjaya or Stephanie but I have a feeling it could be Phil or Haley.

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March 15, 2007

Are they happy now?

Can the Vote for the Worst people leave it alone now? I agree that Brandon blew it this week but there is no one on the show who deserves to be there less than Sanjaya. Ignoring the hair, which is a tough thing to do, he just can't compete. He isn't mature enough to be there.

Did anyone else notice that Diana was wobbling around on her high heels as if she had been sipping from Paula's cup?

Hopefully, next week will be better.

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March 14, 2007

Top 12

Well, this is the top 12? Sad, I think. I don't see a lot of competition here. Obviously, LaKisha and Melinda are the ones to beat but I wonder if that will be enough.

Yes, this is a talent show but we put the audience in charge. And the audience, as a group, have a tendency to no always do the smart thing. Don't make me remind you of last week's fiasco!! So between that and the idea that Melinda and LaKisha could be in danger of splitting their votes, crazy things could still happen.

How did they do? Well...

Brandon - I still have a soft spot for this guy. He's charming and talented and just needs to bring it a bit more. He's got the voice but seems to just not have the confidence. Let's give him another week. At least he wasn't wearing the Member's Only jacket!

Melinda - I was in tears like Paula. Gah, Paula. You're killing me. I know that Melinda has a great voice and certainly should be one of the ones to win it but singing a song from The Wiz only emphasized her appearance as a friggin' Munchkin. She nice, humble, talented and deserves to win but I am shallow enough to say that she just looks weird. Shoot me.

Chris Sligh - He was one of my early favorites and now, without the glasses, charm or good performance he is just odd. Please stop trying to be cool. We love you because you aren't cool. Embrace it.

Haley - Haley's in trouble this week. Weird friggin' dress. Our first case of forgotten lyrics on what would be a painfully long night and the tears. Those were tears of "Oh sh*t! I completely screwed this up!" Even Simon felt so bad that he didn't tear her apart. If the idiots vote Sanjaya through she will be gone this week.

Blake - You smarmy ass. G-g-g-go h-h-h-home. Beat box that. Man I can't stand this guy. Could he be any more full of himself? Blech.
Sure he's better than some but I just can't stand him and his pointy haired arrogance.

Gina - To quote Randy..."It was ok." I guess diction is an effort when your tongue is pierced! She did well enough to stay but not nearly well enough to win. She is still growing on me though. However, let me go on record as saying I will not be supporting the red stripe hairdo in support of Gina. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Sanjaya - Please stop with your weird hair. And the reason you didn't get what Simon says is that behind that ginormous grin is a large vacant head. Go home. Do the right thing. Leave now before it gets embarrassing.

LaKisha - No, I will not call you KiKi. But thanks. She did well. Again. No surprises here. I just wonder how she will do when she has to sing different styles. This was hardly a stretch for her. Obviously she is one of the ones whoe could easily win but do the winners always do the best in the long run? Are you going to her concert? Buying her album? Or does she just have a great voice? Just questions for now. She rocked that song and looked good doing it.

Phil Stacey - Much better this week. I was impressed. Best guy of the night, easily. Even Simon didn't say mean things about his eyes. Way to go Phil.

Stephanie - OK. She's OK. And that's all you're getting from me. Weird dress and almost some costume failure during the interview afterwards. She just doesn't do it for me. I don't think that she can keep up. She doesn't stand out enough with Melinda and LaKisha doing the same thing better.

Chris R - Yes, you're cute. But unfortunately, Simon was right this week. If we went on voice alone this wasn't a great performance. Fortunately, we don't go on voice alone and you sold it. You had the audience involved for one of the few times all night. You should stay. Just choose better songs.

Jordin - Until you speak we forget how young you are. Brilliant job. Good song choice. She should be around for a while as long as the "look at how young and cute I am " thing doesn't get too old.

Wanna see who Dial Idol is predicting?

No surprised in the top two: Melinda and LaKisha. But holy hell people! Stop voting for Sanjaya!!! Stop it. Damn Vote for the Worst people are really getting on my nerves. Sanjaya in third? There's no other explanation.

Ok, the prediction for the bottom three are: Stephanie, Chris Sligh and Blake (!).

Hey, I may just get lucky.

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March 09, 2007

What were people smoking????

Bad voters. Very bad. Don't think because I didn't get to post until late this afternoon that I haven't been just shaking my head in stunned silence all day. Ok, not so much with the silence--more like shaking my head and ranting and raving.

Let's start with the good news. Little Miss "Now I Can Soak Up My 15 Minutes of Porn Fame" is now where she belongs. Home. This was a no brainer. She just flat out couldn't sing. Did you hear the croaking and squawking as she was sing her farewell performance? Even she stuck out her tongue and rolled her eyes (something she apparently does often on camera!). See ya later Antonella! I love how she looked stunned! Ha!

Jared? Every once in a while the voting results go in my favor and one of the smarmy ones that I just don't like winds up with the wind knocked out of him gawking at the judges as if he thought they were kidding. Nope. You are outta here. Again, good news.

But then....the bad voting. Sabrina can sing circles around Haley. Don't get me wrong. I kind of like Haley but she just didn't have the vocal chops to keep up in this competition. Big mistake. Even the judges were stunned. It's hard to come out and say they got it wrong without insulting the contestant that stayed but they came pretty close.

But what happened next made them actually say the voters got it wrong. Or that they "turned the volume down" or just weren't listening. I know that I am one of the few that like Sundance. I've heard the buzz. But like him or not, there is just no contest between Sundance and Sanjaya. Are people on crack? Say it with me now..."crack is whack." There was no hiding the opinion of the judges or the other contestants. It must have sucked to be Sanjaya knowing that everyone there thought this one was a no brainer. If I were him I would bow it and hand over my seat. He doesn't stand a chance. If his singing wasn't bad enough his bad hair and hula performance did him in. I am still waiting for this to be a very bad episode of Punk'd. Ashton Kutcher where are you? Alan Funt? Anyone???

This was terrible voting all around. I am less than impressed this season. Not that that means I am going to stop watching or anything crazy like that but I will stomp my feet and pitch a fit every week if this is how it is going to go. That ought to show 'em, huh?

Still shaking my head....

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March 08, 2007

The last of the two for one elims

So the guys were once again underwhelming. Even those that I like I had to really scrape up enthusiasm for. Sundance, buddy, please start doing what I know you can do.

Sanjaya, what's with the hair? And the hula thing was just creepy. Please go home now, 'k?

Phil had a weird hat thing going on and I think he may have blown it this week. That's a shame because somewhere under that huge forehead lies a good voice.

Blake was odd this week as well. I know he can perform and he has talent but he will just never be as good as he thinks he is. He bugs me so I just cannot vote for him. He'll stay, no doubt about it but he annoys me.

Jared. Blech. Smarmy. Just plain smarmy. Don't the judges keep telling you not to sing songs that have been done by the greats? And you just can't understand that you aren't as good. Decent voice but again, the personality gets to me every time. I am hoping that he goes home instead of Phil.

Chris and Chris - Both should stay and according to the DialIdol predictions it looks like both will. I am liking both of them. Little Chris wasn't as good this week but he will get through and he has been much better. Big Chris was good. Good song choice no matter what they said. The hair though, gah, the hair.

Brandon - I really like this guy but you know what the problem is? He just isn't standing out. He blends in. I almost forgot to write about him. I think he should stay. Definitely more talent here than Hula Boy.

My prediction? Sanjaya and Phil. I could be very wrong this week though.

At least the girls were much better. Jordin Sparks is adorable. I don't know if she has what it takes in a competition that includes Lakisha and Melinda but she should stay.

Let's get right to it. In the real competition, Lakisha vs. Melinda, Melinda won again tonight. That makes it 2-1 Melinda with Lakisha not too far behind. Both of them need to be careful not to become caricatures of themselves. I wonder how they will do on theme weeks? They have great voices, best this season, but can they do other styles? They obviously have nothing to worry about this week.

Oh Antonella. Simon was being kind. You do not belong on the stage. Even when they tried to show just a clip to remind us who to vote ears bled. Awful, just awful. The tone deaf singing, the vacant stare, the horrendous outfits. Go now, don't even wait for the voting just please spare us any more. And yes, I know she's the "Vote for the Worst" favorite this year. But it seems so cruel to subject us to more.

Gina, you rocked. Loved that she wasn't trying to outjazz the jazzy girls. Do what you do best. She should stay. She's growing on me. At least she is doing her own thing.

Stephanie is another one with a good voice that I just don't like. Seems petty and unfair, but hey, my blog. ;) She's just icky and that's that. Yes, good voice, but there isn't anything unique about her. I won't be crushed if she goes.

Sabrina did well again. Undecided about her. Great voice but the song was dreadful and boring and it's making me write comments that sound like Simon. One more week. Let's see.

Haley - Once again, Simon was right. She's good. I liked the song. But does anyone remember her in comparison to the others? No. Sorry, but you're heading home.

My fondest hope? Antonella and Haley. More likely? Haley and Stephanie.

So? How are your favorites doing?

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March 02, 2007


The only thing I can think is that the "Vote for the Worst" people are out again.

AJ goes home and Sanjaya stays. Even if all the 15 year old girls are in love with him there just aren't enough of those to keep him on the show forever, right?

Actually, after peeking at Vote for the Worst, it seems that they are choosing to champion Sundance. Sad to me. I like Sundance. They are also choosing to champion NJ's own photo queen and terrible singer, Antonella. Seems the porn pictures are not really her but the others are just as awful. Go home please. NJ has a bad enough reputation without you proving everyone right. Just go home.

And Pickler??? All she bought was shoes?? I think not. I think Pickler got her self a new fancy pair of something else ;)

Other than Sanjaya staying there were no surprises and I really do think he only bought himself one week. I hope.

I am a little worried that Chris Richardson slipped in the votes this week. I want him to stay around for a bit.

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February 22, 2007

predictions via dial idol

I don't look at these predictions until I am done writing up my own but for those who are interested these are this week's predictions via Dial Idol. Dial Idol measures busy signals to determine which contestants are getting the most votes. Last season they were 87% accurate.

Wanna know? There are a few surprises!

The top three according to the busy signals were:

Guys - Sundance (yay!), Sanjaya and Chris Richardson.

Girls - Lakisha (obviously), Antonella(??) and Melinda

I think that Sanjaya went over big with the young girl voters explaining that. I was surprised but very happy to see Sundance do well. Love him and think he can really do well. And Chris just deserves the votes.

The girls make sense except for Antonella. Stop voting for the boobs people. She didn't hit the right pitch through most of the damn song.

Now the part you know you want to know...the bottom three. (These scores are so close that it will be hard to predict, I think)

Guys - (no real surprises) Jared, Paul, Nicholas.

Girls - Sabrina (?), Amy and Alaina.

I understand that Sabrina doesn't look like the typical Idol and I admit that we almost passed right by her because of it, but she doesn't deserve to be in the bottom three. She can sing better than boob girl in the top three!

Ok. Let's see what happens.

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Sure, make me look foolish

So a few of the women came out swingin' or singin' and they looked good.

The ones who can leave right now without being missed: Nicole Tranquillo, Alaina Alexander (please!), Antonella Barba and Leslie Hunt (psycho eyes!).

There are two that I think should get another shot even though they completely blew it last night-- Haley Scarnato and Amy Krebs. Look, bad songs, nerves, whatever, they might still be able to compete.

And then there are the few who made my "the men are much stronger" comment look a bit weak. I am still not backing down on that though...yet.

Gina--rocker chick--Not the right song, and Simon might have been right about her not hitting the note exactly, but she has a hell of a voice and there's at least something different about her. Love that her dad also dyed a piece of his hair to match hers. Too funny!

Stephanie Edwards - Good voice. I know everyone was loving her but I didn't like the song and she has yet to win me over. Still, with all of that she stood out with that performance.

Sabrina-- Well, well, well. I have to tell you that Sparky and I almost fast forwarded through her just because, honestly, she just didn't look like someone we wanted to watch. That would have been a big mistake. Holy hell that girl can sing. Great song choice. Great performance. She stays for a while.

Melinda Doolittle -- She is growing on me every week. I can't get past her posture or lack of neck unless I really focus on the singing. But that's easy to do once she gets going. And I like her. She is easy to like and a hell of a performer. She makes it to the top 10.

Jordin Sparks - Amazing that she is only 17. I love this kid. She makes Paris look like an amateur. Fun, talented, great stage presence. Love, love, love her.

But the one who stole the show? Lakisha. Hands down. No doubt about it. And yes, we do love her. Risky song if she didn't do well but she hit it. Funny thing. When this started I thought I would tire quickly of her "I'm a single mom" story, and I still may, but with that voice...who cares? So far she leads everyone. Not a doubt in my mind.

So, the girls outsang the guys this week. Maybe I was wrong, who knows. It certainly wouldn't be the first time. But let's give it a few weeks and see how things level out.

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February 21, 2007


Well...that just wasn't that impressive, was it?

I am still convinced that the guys are stronger than the girls this year but sheesh, last night didn't go far in proving me right.

I would happily say goodbye to A.J., Nick Pedro, Paul Kim and Rudy. I am still pulling for Sundance and Sanjaya although I think Sanjaya is just too young. And yes, no matter what the judges were saying, size errr....age matters. Sundance had such an amazing bluesy audition that I really would like to see him get a chance to show that.

Chris Sligh did great and always makes me laugh. Will he win the whole thing? Doubtful, but I think he will hang in for a long time.

Blake is good and he's pretty, but he just needs to remember not to be too smarmy. He'll stay a while, maybe all the way. I just don't know if he'll ever be as good as he thinks he is;)

I adore Chris Richardson. It's true he can't dance, but obviously that is hereditary. I can't believe even the judges were mocking his parents dancing. I almost fell over laughing. Love him. Great voice. Good performer. Beautiful eyes.

Jared I could take or leave. Pretty voice. Pretty face. Pretty average. But young girls will like him and he will stay. Who knows? Maybe he'll grow on me.

Brandon is the most endearing guy on the show. Great personality and stage presence. Bad song choice. But I love him. He's got one of the best voices this season and I think he will go far. Plus, how can you resist that wink?

Phil Stacey is a challenge. I like him. I like his story. I like his voice. But he needs to step it up and not look like a Daughtry wannabe. He can do this. Also--hugest forehead ever. Seriously. It's very distracting. At least the camera tends to crop the top out on most shots. Love his family and the way he sings to them. He's a keeper.

So? What did you think? I was hoping for a standout and just didn't find one. I still have my favorites but I'm hoping they pick it up a bit. That, and that makeover week tames some of those eyebrows!!

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February 16, 2007

Still so early but the guys look stronger than the girls

Oh how I love to yell, "Finish up what you're doing. It's Idol night." and watch everyone come racing into the room. There are very few shows that we all enjoy together. Idol? Top of the list. And now we start getting down to it.

Oh yes, I love the train wrecks. I love the drama. But we are ready for the real stuff.

So...who do you like? At this stage I think that's a different question than "who do you think will win?" It is, after all, a popularity contest and there's just no telling how people will react...yet.

Last year, I remember loving Chris Daughtry and Paris right from the first auditions. This year I am a little less certain of anyone.

I know I don't like Alaina and Leslie.

So far, I like Sundance (if he does better than he did in Hollywood), Chris Richardson, Phil Stacey, Brandon Rogers, Jordin Sparks...there may be more but we haven't seen much of some of them yet.

Also, how much do you love Chris Sligh? He is funny, personable and can sing the crap out of some blues and jazz. I hope that people give this guy a chance.

I am thinking it will be a guy again this year. What do you think?

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January 16, 2007

Poor neglected TV blog

I know that things have been crazy and that this poor little blog has been sadly neglected but have no fear....Idol starts tonight!!

That just about assures oodles of babbling, giddy critiques and posts. Oh how I love the first few weeks. Just like a little singing train wreck.

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November 28, 2006

It's the most wonderful time of the year...


I saw American Idol previews!!

It's practically Idol. It's practically here!!

And then it's So You Think You Can Dance. Oh my little reality, competition show heart can only take so much.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

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