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March 07, 2012

Top 13

Wow, hey tall girl. Perhaps you should be rockin the f me pumps. Just sayin.

And always tell them not to sing stevie or whitney and then you schedule an entire theme week around just that. well don't complain when they can't handle it.

Joshua - they are pretty much tellin him he wasn't any good at this style. and then said he's gonna blow it out. it's gonna be a long week. i think this guy might have best voice on show but he needs to work on stage presence and mannerisms. it's like watching a sitcom. and of course the judges love him.

Elise - greatest love of all. really? thankfully they gave her another song. she's gonna cry. she is gonna be in big trouble this week. what is that dress? i can't decide how this is going which is a good sign it isn't going that well. j lo is trying to sugar coat it. if she isn't gushing then you know you're in trouble.

Jermaine - i'm sure he's a very sweet guy. and his voice is just fine. i just can't see what all the fuss is about. i don't think he should have been brought back and i'm not even listening to most of his song. he's good. he's nice. i'm bored. i'm sure the judges will gush about how right they were to bring him back. yup.

Erica - at least they told her not to sing like whitney. i like her. but again. bored. hey randy...say like a few more times dawg. they keep telling her to let go. bets on the week she lets go they tell her she has to watch her control?

Colton - can't decide if he's a poser or i real deal. i kinda like him though. mumble mumble mumble. there's the voice i was looking for. nice

Shannon - she has a big voice but she's kinda all over the place tonight. rehearsal was much better. she didn't hit big notes. blew the verses. wow. what a mess. could be trouble for her. aw she's crying. she knows. judges are coddling her.

Deandre - I'm not sure who i want to go home more - deandre or heejun - but there's something about this kid that just makes me want to smack him repeatedly. the hair. the weird smile. the falsetto. gah. is he gonna cry again??

Skyler - and no i do not look like her. just to squash that weird rumor. making whitney country. well...ok. nice job. so far the only contestant i didn't sleep through. easily the best so far. and bonus points for being able to walk in those shoes.

Heejun - he's not funny. not funny. please go home. please stop trying to be funny. why don't you try to sing? that would be good.
and we're back to boring.

Hollie - nice job. i don't even have anything snarky to say. although her ring looks like she's holding a cigarette. just sayin. oh and honey. if you're gonna raise your arms up over your head. get rid of the stubble. wow.

Jeremy - what? someone's singing? i'm gonna nap.

Jessica - i am soooo tired of hearing this song. yes, she did a very good job with it. but really? does it matter any more. i'm sure she'll get lots of joy and praise but i don't care if i ever hear this song again.

Phillip - and he gets the golden spot. i love him. hopefully he won't screw it up. already like him better than most. love his geeky little quirky moves and that voice! sounds like something i would want to listen to. and it almost seems like he's having fun. better watch that. and yet no standing ovation because he didn't do powernotes and powersquats

And that ends the first round. Kind of underwhelmed in general. I think Shannon is in serious trouble. Although I would love to see Heejun or Deandre pack it in and head home. I think Phillip and Skyler might be my favs for the night.

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