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March 21, 2012

Billy Joel Week

Yes, I'm old enough for Billy Joel to be a favorite. So listen up Idol wannabes - don't screw this up.

Deandre - Apparently no listening to my warning. What is the weird head bobbing about? Have you never heard this song? Do you not understand the lyrics? He's trying to get a girl to sleep with him so it's possible you don't understand. That was dull and boring and I can't stand him. Or the hair. What is the audience cheering about? No Steven. It _was_ too happy. Thank you Randy. One voice of reason. And if only the good die young? Deandre will live to be an old man

Erica - New York State of Mind - oh diddy, they don't sing this at Yankee Stadium. They sing this at Citi Field. tsk tsk tsk. Wow! What a makeover. I think I like it. Good song choice. Really like her this week. So much better than hair boy. So what will the judges do? Ah a bit of sanity. lol And then J Lo.

Points to Ryan for the Sanjaya ponyhawk reference.

Joshua - She's Got a Way - probably best voice in competition, I just don't always like him. Nice rendition but a little to gospel and again I don't know if he understands the song. I don't feel a connection, just a voice. And J Lo agrees with me. That might be a bit scary.

Skylar - Shameless - good girl. good choice. she's so adorable. umm, where are the boots? i wanted more from her. end picked up though so she'll be ok. possibly too many changes to the song. i don't know. something didn't sit right for me but it could be because i have sobbed along to that song too many times.

elise - vienna - so far so good. another good choice. very impressed. standing ovation from the judges. interesting. i really think she could do well.

phillip phillips - way to stick with what you know. - moving out - sounds great. he is perfect. don't screw with him. my favorite so far easily. and at least the judges recognize he knows who he is.

hollie - honesty - powerful voice but faking emotion might not sell. she looks like pedestal barbie. i'm not liking it. something is off. judges are harsh and podium barbie is now excuse barbie.

heejun - anthony's song (my life) - oh heejun, it is definitely time to go home. the theatrical shit needs to stop. so awful. this is like keeping blind guy. see ya heejun.

jessica - everybody has a dream - bad song choice. not loving this so far. bored now. and billy joel is crying.

colton - piano man - i was afraid that i would resent any changes to this song. it's a classic. but i would buy this one right now. absolutely brilliant.

phillip, colton, erika - my favs for the night

please send heejun or deandre home

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