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March 01, 2012

big cuts

Jeremy, Chase and Phillip - Only one I care about is Phillip which means I'm sure he'll be leaving. Dim the lights. Holy crap I get one that I like. Suck it giant forehead dude.

Holly, Brielle, Hallie and Jessica - See ya Brielle. Not disappointed. I like the other three so let's see where it goes. I'm thinking the young ones. Yup. Hallie is gone.

Adam, Joshua and Heejun - Joshua is the easy choice here. Yup, he's through. WTF???? Heejun makes it through? Vote for the worst already?

Skyler, Baylie, Shannon and Chelsea - Well we know American Idol Barbie is going home. Shame cause I liked her during auditions. You know you're screwed when the only thing the judges can say is "you're pretty." Tall inspirational pitcher's daughter girl. She might get through. Otherwise this is Skyler all the way. yup. tall girl and Skyler.

Creighton, Aaron and Reed - This proves I am not going to get who I want. I'd like to see all of these guys. If I had to send one home it would be Reed. Aaron is good but a bit cliche. But Creighton has something completely different and I'd like to see what he can do. Plus he's adorkable. Wow. Aaron is out. Shit. No Creighton. And no Reed. This was an asshat move. All 3 sitting down.

Elise, Erica, Haylie and Jenn - Hoping for Elise. The rest can go. Well look at that. Not bad choices. I like her better on relisten than last night.

Deandre, Eben, Colton and Jermaine - Ok people. Do not screw this up you freakin teeny boppers. Colton is the only one here that should go through. And Jermaine had his chance. This round could really piss me off. Deandre workin the hairography. Please go home. "oh my gosh mom!" can I please smack the 16 off this kid?

Dammit Ryan!!! I actually fell for that crap. At least the payoff is that Colton is in. Wow. Teeny bopper is headed home. Less cranky than I thought.

Now save Creighton and I might actually be interested in this season.

OK six to sing -
Jenn - I might like her. She has possibility. Won't win but could hang in for a while.

Jeremy - blah blah blah. Just not enough to this guy's voice. I'm glad he's a big guy who's sweet as a teddy bear but I don't care about him at all. JLo is crying and he's thanking jesus. Please save me.

Brielle - stop humping Ryan and sing. Hello NY accent. Are you freaking kidding me? Someone Like You? Did you not listen to any criticism. And you bitch out on the high notes?? Really?? See ya

Deandre?? - They're just f-in with us now. Oh look more hairography. Brit could teach this guy a thing or two. Georgia? He is doing better than Brielle but I think he's destined to be this year's Sanjaya.

Erica - Gaga huh? Much better song for her than last night. She might have saved herself. But damn get that woman a stylist.

Reed - Well, I like him but I really wanted Creighton. Kinda pissed about that. Well, get it done Reed. Oh yes, pan over the losers. That's kind. There ya go. I like this guy. He's a dork but ya gotta love that. He can perform and please pick him over hairography. He can go further in the long run.

I'd like Reed, Erica and Jenn. What do you think the chances are?

Erica gets first spot. Stylist now please
Jeremy. Really J Lo. What a waste of a spot. Stop hugging and crying.
Deandre? Again waste of spot. Jenn and Reed deserved to stay.

These choices blow.

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