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February 29, 2012

season 11 and we're still here

So here we go - ignored most of the auditions. Just couldn't bring myself to watch. But let's give it a go with the first round of boys. Also, Dear Idol, the bring a camera home thing is annoying.

Reed Grimm - I wanna love this guy. He's jazzy and just dorky enough to be adorable. However, song choice? Eh. Not my favorite. He did a good job with it as far as it goes. The odd, Shelia E drum thing will get old fast if it's overdone but for this round it'll do. If you're gonna do jazz then go for it and do it. Won't win anything by doin it half assed.

Adam Brock - Apparently the man with a large black woman trapped inside of him. Ugh. And please, please never use the phrase white chocolate again. Aretha is a brave choice. Nothing spectacular and he looks awkward like it's his first day in a pudgy guy's body. Judges apparently think he's brilliant. I think he's ok. Oh please, please let the chocolate jokes stop.

Deandre Brackensick -I was all set to dislike this guy until the 76 Trombones clip. Hahahaha. And then he sang...ugh. Hit at least one note dude. Too much hair and not enough voice. Whether it was nerves or not he was awful. Bad song choice. Terrible performance. I think there was one decent note in that whole song. Wow. You need to go. What are the judges smoking? They are making me miss Paula. She seems sane in comparison. Perfect? what? Ready to go? Is he givin out favors backstage?

Colton Dixon - This is the guy that took over his sister's audition. He's got an 80s movie vibe going. Not a fan of this song but I like this guy. J Lo is giving her "sing from your heart" speech. Should keep track of how many times she says that crap. So far I like him.

Jeremy Rosado - And why are we rockin the member's only jacket?? He's gonna be workin the I'm sweet angle. People might like this guy. Missed some notes but could be nerves. Not sure what I think of this one.

Steven "I'm as confused as a baby in a topless bar" bwahahahahaha

Aaron Marcellus - going with Jackson 5 song. So far the only background story I even gave a crap about. Cliche outfit choice. I'm not sure if I like this guy or just wanna like this guy enough to overlook cheesy outfit and song choice. Sure it's classic but it seems like the easy choice. Nice voice though and if we run with the premise that this is actually about singing - this guy should stick around.

Chase Likens Whistling? Really dude? And our first country guy. If I don't look at him he's alright. Unfortunately I occasionally look up at the screen and there's something smug about this guy that makes me wanna smack the West Virginia off him. I think it's because his hair looks like every villain from an 80s movie (yes I know that's my second 80s movie reference)

Creighton Fraker What a goofball. I'm not sure if I love that about him or if he's a poser. And continuing our 80s theme for the evening, he chooses True Colors. He's no blind show choir but not a bad version. Like the voice. He should stay. Another "sang from your heart" comment from J Lo.

Phillip Phillips - Honestly. 80s. It's not just me. Butchering In the Air Tonight. Shame is that I think I like this guy's voice. But he's headin home. Only thing in the air tonight is his plane back home. Would be interesting to see what he could do if he stays.

Eben Franckewitz - This year's youngen. I automatically want to dislike him. Chose Adele. Little Bieber wannabe singin Adele? Nope. Not even gonna bother to learn how to spell that nightmare of a last name.

Heejun Han One of the only audition eps I watched was Hollywood week. And after watching this guy interact with the annoying ass cowboy I'm over himy. But points for saying he wants to show people that Asian people can not only get a high score on their SATs but sing as well. haha Bored now...

Joshua Ledet - And here's this season's gospel guy. And he's wearin a teeny tiny jacket. Again, if I'm not looking, I like the voice. Definitely a talent. Purely on talent he would stay. I'm not sure if the personality is gonna be a plus or a minus. For me? I am gonna have to try and get past all the praisin and prayin. But he's through. Not that the judges have had any appearance of common sense tonight but he gets the first standing ovation.

Oh boy. The big reveal. Who did they save? Who really cares? If you're going with 12 guys then choose 12 guys. This crap is getting old fast.

Jermaine Jones - I don't even remember him from auditions. Holy crap! He's twice the size of Ryan. Keep him on the show just for that. hahhaha. It was sweet. It was emotional. I was bored. Shame.

So who stays.
I like Colton Dixon, Joshua Ledet,Creighton Fraker, Reed Grimm and I wanna give Phillip Phillips another chance but I'm not sure how that's gonna play out.

Youngen will get the teen girl vote.

Dial Idol has the top 5 only agreeing with me on one spot. Youngen is first. Because apparently we aren't listening at all.

Looks as if I'll only have one guy I like and he's in danger of being voted off. People are ridiculous.

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