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February 29, 2012

and now the girls

Hoping that the results have something to do with talent and not skirt length.

chelsea sorrell mumble more please. and who the hell dressed you? not feelin the love from the judges. carrie might not have been a good choice. she's going home.

erica vanpelt wow another awful wardrobe choice. looks like scary ass divorced woman at girls night out. points for moving in those heels. bored with voice. bored with song. she's ok. better than first but still don't care.

jen hirsh well i was wondering how long it would take til someone sang adele. you need the raspy voice and you can't fake it. nice one note. better than others. but c'mon. this is all there is??

brielle von hugel started too low chick. you better be going somewhere with this. ok....went somewhere. just not sure it's somewhere i wanna go too. she'll stay.

hallie day only one i've liked from the start. finally. now don't screw it up. first one who really deserves to stay.

skyler lane well she's energetic. i might even like her growly voice. but this song sucks and the dress is distracting. she's a little scary. she'll stay too

baylie brown rough start. find the notes. american idol barbie might be in trouble here. stronger finish but she was just lost out there for most of this song. baylie's going home.

holly cavanaugh disney song? well she is 18. again. starting too low. better take it somewhere. nice range up high. good move not to move too much on those heels. if she promises not to talk or do more back story nonsense - she can stay.

haylie johnsen bad song choice. bad singing. bad outfit. this is almost painful. when she gets backstage her things will be packed. how did she get this far??

shannon magrane oh goodie. an inspirational song. still a better voice than most tonight. low nights are just not on though. she might make it through.

jessica sanchez voice trouble. oh please stop talking. you're 16. you are not a role model. not a bad voice though. hate to admit that. and one of the only contestants who knew how to dress for this. i might like her. just no more talking.

elise testone close as i'm gonna get to hometown girl. like her. she's gotta work on losing the accent though. decent voice. hopefully she'll stay around.

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