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March 31, 2011

Top 11...again

Scotty- Don't care if he's a one trick pony. It's a good damn trick. However, I wasn't sure this was his best performance. He has so much voice and personality though that it really doesn't matter. He's all aw shucks charming and the country fans will lap that right up out of their feedbags. He's gonna do well after Idol.

Naima - Blech blech blech. In her defense though, I hate when the judges tell contestants to mix it up and take a chance and then hate it when they do just that. But I dunno, maybe with a little medicinal help.....

Stefano - He was fighting so hard to keep his eyes open while he sang I thought he was gonna sprain something. I wanna like this kid but he just doesn't have it. I'm not sure how he got to this point. He isn't bad, he just isn't that good. Think he's in serious danger this week with two leaving.

Pia - Gah. Good thing she listened and didn't do another ballad. Ok, she's good at them. She has a good voice. But I can't stand her and I can't get past that. She is so damn boring. And so overly high maintenance that I have to try hard not to fast forward through every performance.

James - Good song for him considering it was Elton John week. "Afraid of having a Pepsi moment." hahahaha. James is gonna be around for a while. He's got a strong rock voice and there aren't many of those this year. Plus, he's just likable.

Thia - See ya.

Lauren- I liked this performance but if it hadn't been Elton John night I would have been shaking my head and wondering why she took on such a famous song. And I loved her while the judges critiqued her. Steven Tyler's comment about affording the other half of the dress was too funny! But then, oh Lauren, please don't talk. Don't try and be cute. Don't try and seem genuine. Just smile, nod and sing. Seriously. You are going to lose a thousand votes every time you speak.

Casey - I always look forward to him and was stunned to see what happened last week. But he had had two off weeks. This was the Casey that I love. Perfect choice. Great delivery. Love love love this guy! Plus the beard is a lot less frightening now.

Jacob - Great big voice and the quirkiest over the top personality. Still, I think this was a good choice for him. They're right though. He has to stop being so dramatic. It's a little offputting and he's scary sometimes.

Haley - I like the growl. How did she learn the words? Did anyone ever know that those were the words? I may be in the minority here but she is growing on me every week. I hope she makes it through but I think she could be in trouble.

So who should go? Well, I'd like to see Thia and Stefano hit the road. But Paul could be in danger. What? I didn't write about him. It's opening day of baseball season while I'm watching this. Priorities!!! So I miss a few and some of the comments are lamish. Baseball!!

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