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November 20, 2006

Mom of the year

Orson's mom has made things a lot more lively at Bree's house. Andrew is making a little side cash as her dealer (ha!) and she is spilling secrets that we didn't see coming. I figured her to be blackmailing him about the murder. Thankfully Bree realized there are only so many "explanations" before it just doesn't matter any more.

I love Carlos as Mike's "best friend." Nothing like taking advantage of amnesia guy for a little Sunday afternoon loafing and football. I am glad that they found a way for Carlos to stick around. I miss Carlos and Gabby together. But...I adore Gabby with those kids. "Of course you have to be skinny! Have you ever seen a fat girl on the cover of a magazine?" "What am I supposed to do with this petting zoo??" Priceless.

Lynette did not make friends with Protector Man this week but just because she's paranoid doesn't mean she isn't right.

Susan was just weird. She's been weird too much lately. She bothers me.

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