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October 17, 2006

No longer desperate for good episodes

Wow! Desperate Housewives is back with a vengeance.

Lynette: Still my hero. Bribing the pitcher was sheer brilliance. And the look the coach gave her when she feigned offense at being asked for a bribe? Too funny. I loved her and Tom slipping each other a high five when he twisted his ankle. Parenting not at it's best but at least a little more realistic. C'mon, you would have offered up the bribe, maybe?

Carlos and Gabby: Carlos is right you know. They belong together. I loved the look on Carlos' face, sipping her drink and watching her being thrown into the cop car kicking and screaming. And I loved her face as he left her on the side of the road.

Bree and her biscuits. You had to see that coming, right? When the daughter was standing next to the history prof? Bree never has a shortage of family drama. Wait til she finds out the truth about her new husband.

Susan still gets on my nerves. I love Mike but it was more fun watching Edie curled up in bed with him filling his head with stories of Susan than it was to watch Susan come back to him. She was having a great time with a nice guy with a British accent and she made him feel bad. Not his fault. She's still my least favorite but there was some "she got what she deserved" type satisfaction.

Still, the show is off and rolling this season after a bit of a slow start and I am looking forward to Sunday nights again.

Lots and lots of fun!

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