March 15, 2005
curses, foiled again

Still dealing with more cr@p with the bank. It started with e-B@y and then it was internet withdrawals using my debit card number. NOW it seems that someone has gotten into our OTHER account ~ this time with an electronic draft for $800.00!
This morning my husband and I are off to the bank to close out all our accounts and start all over. I'm sure you know how very TIME CONSUMING this all is ... I would like to strangle someone!
and the "someone" can't be very smart ... I mean, if you were going to tap into someones bank accounts ... wouldn't you check first to see that that person actually had substantial funds in their account? Every time they hit me it overdraws! SMART theives, go for the large bucks ... or so I've been told.

sunybank | 08:57 AM