February 26, 2005
Ten Things

Ten Things I've Done that You Probably Haven't

1. Rode cross country in a pickup truck, sleeping in rest areas - washing up in gas station bathrooms.
2. Raised a Raccoon from a baby to an adult.
3. Watched a Bald Eagle soar over my house.
4. Had my camera confiscated at Port-au-Prince airport (Haiti) for taking a picture of a customs agent.
5. Dressed up as Raggedy Ann for 5 years in a row at Christmas, to entertain children.
6. Watched my little sister fall through the ice on a frozen pond.
7. Married my best friend.
8. Ran out of gas in the middle lane (of 6) of the Santa Monica freeway at rush hour.
9. Been kissed by Peter Yarrow (of Peter Paul and Mary).
10. Won a science award in 3rd grade for identifying 20 wild bird flash cards.
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sunybank | 07:42 AM