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January 01, 2007

So remind me, what year is it again?

Ah well, I have only just got used to writing '2006' on cheques* and now it seems that 2007 has crept up on me. Where did that come from?

Just popping in to wish all my ever-suffering readers a happy new year and I really will post more often in 2007. That is not to mention all the reading at commenting I've been missing out on over at your blogs. I won't make that a New Year's Resolution because then it would be destined to fail. Take it as my promise to you from a friend to her trusting friend and then maybe I can guilt myself into doing it.

Elsewhere I have also vowed to learn to knit. In the past people have struggled to teach a clumsy left-hander like me and I have been sitting around waiting for a willing left-handed knitter to fall into my lap. Sadly he or she never came (are we really that freaky?) but my prayers were answered by way of this site and this book.

I am now half way down my first scarf and while it's certainly not perfect, it's a hell of a lot better than I thought it would be, especially as I've only been knitting four days.
Proud pictures to be posted soon, if you are not a knitter be prepared to be very bored.

Which reminds me, I really must update my Flickr account, when was the last time I posted a photo?

No that is NOT a resolution.

*Who actually writes cheques these days? Perhaps that's why.

Posted by purple elephant at January 1, 2007 09:44 AM