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August 08, 2006

Our Project for the Holidays

We were going to do it in September, when Littleone was back at school and I had finished my last assignment (ever? stay tuned) but somewhere around a couple of days ago one of us had the bright idea that perhaps it would be more fulfilling to have it as our little
project for the holidays, wouldnít it be more rewarding if she were to help me, a kind of learning process to see how itís done.

The day before yesterday Littleone and I began clearing her room, ready to be decorated.

Well I say Littleone and I, but what I really mean is that I covered the backbreaking and mindnumbing task of sorting all the toys into boxes, while she looked on, occasionally throwing in such helpful comments as ĎNo I donít want to get rid of those bobbly plain
black tights that are at least two sizes too small for me.í and ĎOi I want to play with those Polly Pockets, yes that would be the small box that it has just taken you an hour to collect and sort. And whoops there it goes back over the floor again.í

Needless to say Iím already wishing Iíd waited until September.

And whatís worse is that we are now coming out of the tomboy phase (which credit where creditís due lasted about five years) and she has decided she wants the walls pink.

After the initial horror I began to get used to the idea of a nice soft pink gracing the walls of at least one room in the house but now she informs me that she would like a hideous insomnia inducing bright pink.

Help, my five year old daughterís bedroom is going to look like the cover of a chick-lit novel. Iíve got 24 hours before we buy the paint to change her mind.

Iíll keep you updated on the progress.

Posted by purple elephant at August 8, 2006 10:34 AM