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June 20, 2005

Midsummer’s Eve

*Sigh* This time last year we were camped out in Glastonbury town cooking our dinner and preparing to head up the tor for the solstice celebrations. Watching the summer solstice sun rise on Glastonbury tor is something that everyone that way inclined should try at least once in their life. The previous two years we did Stonehenge, which is indeed a experience not to be missed, if a little over crowded for my liking. Then of course a couple of days later it was on to the festival. Oh God the festival! Did I mention that we couldn’t get tickets and how – like- totally gutted I am? *Sob*
Tomorrow has an extra special significance for us you see because it is our wedding anniversary and also the anniversary of the day we first set eyes on each other. So as of tomorrow we have been married three years and together for five. Bless our little cotton/polyester mix socks. Eh?
So what are we doing this year? We are actually thinking of going to bed tonight (No! Hear me out!) and getting up in time to watch the sun rise over Cambridge. I doubt very much if there are any ley lines or ancient significance directly linked to the Arbury estate (but then again who knows?) but one good thing about living here is that we get the sun rise out the back and sun set out the front and being three floors up coupled with East Anglia’s low laying ground means we get a reasonably good view from up here. We also thought it would be a nice idea to wake with the sun and stay with it all day rather than stay awake and then fall into bed as soon as it rises.
Weather permitting I also have a nice picnic planned for the afternoon. If it works out OK I will share some of the recipes with you at a later date.
Finally, it only occurred to me yesterday that my novel takes place over one sultry day which just happens to be Midsummer’s day (yes I know that you could argue about it being later in the week but we celebrate Midsummer today and tomorrow, at err well Midsummer, rather than St John’s day) So I thought what better day to have a marathon writing session than on the actual day in which the novel is set? I can’t pass up the opportunity of writing about the sun rise as the sun rises, and you never know if some magic comes by the way of my characters then it might get to me too and help me over the can’t-get-past-the-first-four-chapters barrier. You never know until you try.
BUT (and there is a big but) I have told myself that I can’t spend all day on my novel unless I get a SIGNIFICANT amount of study done. In theory I need to cover Friday, Saturday, Sunday and today as well as tomorrow, which would be a whooping 10 hours work. Realistically I have told myself that I just have to read, type and think doubly fast and then I can get away with five. Two down, three more to go.
So tonight cooking for the picnic and study, study, study. Just don’t mention the G word.
A happy solstice to you all and as a friend of ours said to us today, ‘See you on the dark side of the year.’

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