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April 02, 2005

Glastonbury Festival 2005

Tickets for the Glastonbury festival go on sale tomorrow at 9am.
This is where I should probably be twittering on about how great it is, but to be honest after the ticket fiasco last year. I daren’t get excited until I get some sort of confirmation that tickets are on their way to our letterbox.

Not getting excited means that I don’t think about it.

Up until last year the longest I had spent acquiring tickets was 45 minutes on the phone but in 2004 they put in all sorts of anti ticket tout measures which meant only two tickets per credit card/ person which of course meant more people phoning up, which in effect sent the website and the one single phone line crashing down.
There wasn’t even a queue on the phone line, which meant that if you didn’t get through you just got a message from BT to try again.
If I tell you that tickets went on sale at 8pm one evening about this time last year and I didn’t get through until 5pm the next day, would you believe me? Yes I spent 21 hours hitting redial, with only a couple of 10 minute breaks to try and gather my sanity. Mr PE was also trying on his mobile until the early hours but he went to bed at 4am as he had to be in college by 9am.

To be honest I did doze off for about 10 minutes but I must have been hitting redial in my sleep and something must have gone hideously wrong because I woke up finding myself talking to this old chap.
‘Errr? What? Err… That’s not the Glastonbury ticket service is it?’
‘Err no.’
‘Oh I am ever so sorry!’
‘That’s Ok love.’
I have to say he was ten hundred times more polite than I would have been had someone rang me at 5am with such a weird request.

It is sad, as there are obviously many more people who want to go to Glastonbury than there are tickets and this selfish clamber goes against everything Glastonbury stands for. I have been going for eight years now and maybe I should step down and let someone else have a chance but I’ll share for the other 365 days of the year, I want my tickets and I’ll stop at nothing.

Maybe if I mentioned that Mr. PE and I met at Glastonbury, that we got married in 2002 in Glastonbury town hall and went on to have our honeymoon at the festival then you would begin to understand. Strangely the festival had a year off in 2001 and Littleone was born on the last Monday in June at 4am. Mr PE jokes that it would have been cool if the festival had been on, then there would have been just enough time for us to see the last band on the Sunday night before leisurely heading off to the healing tent to give birth. (He is of course male and forgets that the contractions started on the Friday night and I spent the whole weekend on all fours hardly able to move but hey I laugh along)

So wish me luck! And if you are thinking of tying to get a couple of tickets for yourself, I’ve got one thing to say….

Look into my eyes, into my eyes, not around my eyes look into my eyes 3-2-1 you’re under…
Glastonbury tickets go on sale Monday 4th April at 9am.
3-2-1 you’re back in the room.

And may the best person win…

Posted by purple elephant at April 2, 2005 09:15 PM