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April 24, 2005

Purple Elephant’s Goals for the day..

It has been one heck of a busy weekend and so here is a list of what I want to achieve by bedtime tonight. In no particular order

1) Take Littleone to Milton Country Park for a reading of Anansi the Spider as part of Cambridge WordFest
2) Blog about my WordFest day yesterday. (Graham Swift, Fergal Keane, Jackie Kay, Nick Laird and Esther Morgan)
3) Fitting of the shirt at the Fort St George (mine’s a double whiskey Mr. Barman) Dear God please let that shirt be to the wearer’s satisfaction and need few alterations, I was up until 3am Friday getting it done. Time that could have been spent more productively, well for me anyway.
4) Write up notes from yesterday’s seminar.
5) Read 75 pages of Middlemarch. I have read this before but in trying to research my next paper I discovered how complicated the plot is, it really needs a second reading to grasp it sufficiently. The only problem is I need to attack 50 pages a day to get it completed in time. Yesterday, what with the seminar and WordFest etc I only got half my quota read. (UPDATE; Pages read - 7)
6) General day to day crap. Get dressed, at least one load of laundry, cook, eat, wash up etc..
7) I really want to watch yesterday’s episode of Doctor Who but I can’t see it happening today.

To top it all off I got terrible cramp in the night and can now hardly put weight on one leg.
AND Just as I was writing this Littleone spilt a drink over the TV cabinet. It was a race against time as I, armed only with an old sweatshirt grabbed from the back of the sofa tried to stop the liquid seeping into the TV, DVD player, HiFi equipment and a pile of CDs that Mr PE hadn’t put away from last night.

Ever feel like it’s going to be one of those days?

Stay tuned to laugh at my progress.

Posted by purple elephant at April 24, 2005 10:17 AM