April 09, 2005
a project in danger

when i was a little girl i could spend my weekends at a castle.

i could see fairy tale characters come to life and wander through the gingerbread and candy coated walls.

now the restoration of this landmark is in danger. please, if you can spare anything, help this cause. what was going to well seems to have come to a halt.

if you remember the fairy tales that danced in your head when you were young, please give children (and adults) the chance to walk through them again.

if you can't afford it right now, maybe you could just grab a button and give it a mention on your blog. do what you can to save this historical landmark. every little bit can help.

thanks. and thanks to those who have already helped out.

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June 22, 2004
castle update

because i know you all are as excited about this as i am :)

i received an email this morning from the owners of the castle. very good news!
jim will be helping with some painting (restoring murals, etc.) sometime next month. we are both very excited about this.

some of the best news is that Hampton Inns will be sponsoring them as part of their Save a Landmark program. this is great news! the owners of the castle are extremely nice people who really believe in this project. i am so glad that the castle found itself in such wonderful hands.

i have also gotten permission to move forward on my project. i am going to be putting together a book of photos of the castle, memorabilia, anecdotes, and history. hopefully the profits will help the castle restoration

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June 21, 2004
save the castle

i am still very wound up about my trip to the castle yesterday. i know that most people reading this have never been there. but maybe you went somewhere similar when you were a kid or with your own kids.

i made a button that you can link to the restoration info page.


consider helping out by putting it on your page. it's a castle. right here in nj! and yes, it is falling down and filled with aging fairytale characters, but once upon a time it was....magic.

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June 20, 2004
picnics, baseball and ravens

we had a great time today at the picnic. got to watch some of my favorite men throw a baseball around (no not the and jim! oh, but the mets won again today too ;) ) the boys bounced on the trampoline until their little legs couldn't go on. i thought they would fall asleep in seconds, but i kept them awake long enough for a little nostalgic trip.

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