April 20, 2007
Tra la! Tra la! It's Spring!

Tell me this weather doesn't just make almost everything better??

Today is small pet moving day with new homes for the recently discovered to be boys instead of girls rats and a sparkly clean home for the older and wiser (and still female) rat.

Hamster is also getting a spring cleaning and moving over to the new digs.

Now as long as no one escapes everything will be fine.

Clothing is coming over a little at a time but the washer/dryer are still over there. You know what that means? Yeah. But we aren't thinking about those ginormous piles of stinky boy laundry right now. Nope.

Still waiting to hear about computer problems but I am hoping that some posts are going through and that someone will get back to me soon.

Enjoy the gorgeous sunshine if you are getting what we are.

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