April 18, 2007
we're here......

We decided to bail out of the other house and move. A mid-week move was a bit stressful and dodgy. We looked like we were fleeing the feds or something and we are still moving in dribs and drabs.

If I disappear for a little while it's because I am attempting to set up a network. I am pretty sure that our router is fried. This happened at the other house but with all the Comcastic craziness I had forgotten. I'll make a tech geek run to Staples later and see what I can do.

Playing solo parent tonight since Sparky is at a conference thingy. Yup, skipping out on the hefting and packing. That's going to cost him this weekend when I am escaping for the day for a girls' outing and he's stuck here moving with the boys. ha!

Good to sleep in my own bed in the new house. And this house? Two, count 'em, two, DVRs. No longer will my very important shows be overridden by Spongebob and Simpsons. I can tape all the Idol and Dancing with the Stars I want! Oh yeah, I still have to share with Sparky.

Off to wade through the wreckage. Moving is such fun!

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