April 12, 2007
fishes and roaches and very old friends

Our trip to the aquarium yesterday was fun and filled with things you just don't usually hear. For example, when was the last time you uttered the words, "Step a little closer to the cockroaches sweetie," coming from a parent's mouth?

We saw plenty of fish and more than enough bugs to keep everyone happy for the afternoon.

And then, the strangest sighting of all.

I was stalling as we headed into the gift shop, dreading the gift shop almost more than the jellyfish tank. As I was standing at the entrance bracing myself for the choruses of can we get this, a strange person kept bumping into me. Now its the aquarium, and it's crowded, and not everyone there is big on manners, so in an attempt not to make a scene, I just ease away from this odd person. Only this odd person is carrying a very small infant and keeps bumping the little legs into me, bumping and bumping and bumping. My patience is already thin having spent most of the afternoon surrounded by school bus trips with few chaperones, and yet, I still just edge away hoping not to have a confrontation.

But then? This odd person with a deep voice asks me, "Does he stink?" and nudges the baby towards me. How does one answer that? Who asks that? Well, I certainly didn't want to look up. No, I was doing my best to avoid eye contact with this odd man.

But it was useless to resist, and I looked up only to be looking up into the eyes of one of my oldest friends from HS. Yes, I shrieked and very astutely put together that I probably hadn't spoken to him in at least 10 months since he was holding the cutest, tiniest newborn baby boy.

We caught up as best you can in the exit of a gift shop at a crowded aquarium. Obviously, it has been way too long, it has been at least a lifetime, maybe two, since we have seen each other and so much has happened, so much has changed. We promised to keep in touch, since that has worked so well in the past, and headed home.

I think that was my favorite part of the trip. Sure the shark tank is cool, but strange men pushing babies at you? Who can top that? Especially when it turns out to be someone you wish you saw a lot more of.

Oh, and I took lots of pictures of the fish and the bugs (coming soon!) but I was so distracted and thrilled by my encounter with my friend that I didn't get one picture of his beautiful and growing family. Maybe we will actually have to get together one of these days!

Now please make it stop raining. I mean it. I have many, many things to do today and all I can think about is hiding out under the covers and catching up with my other good friend....TiVo.

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