April 11, 2007
Playing hooky

Yup, I'm a bad parent. I'm yanking the boys out of school this morning. Shame on me. :)

We are all heading to the aquarium this morning with my sister and her family. I doesn't happen to often that we can all get free to do something fun so we thought we'd go for it.

J had a fun birthday yesterday. A teenager! How did that happen?? He is very excited about being sprung from school since the aquarium is one of his favorite places to be.

For his birthday, Sparky built him his own art/miniatures studio. He now has a 4x6 desktop with an art caddy, seven drawer rolling storage tower and magnifier light (those guys he paints are small!). He said he was never leaving that room again. Sparky did a great job building it and included a six foot bookshelf for him to display some of his creations on.

C had his first Doherty Painting baseball game last night. He went 2 for 3 with three RBIs and pitched two solid innings. He made a great play at the plate when a very large kid came barreling in. C held onto the ball in the collision for the out. Then, he came up to the plate with the bases loaded in the bottom of the last inning and cracked the game winning walk off hit. But we are most proud of the fact that even though he could easily be awarded the game ball, he gave it up so that someone who got their first hit ever, and who might not so easily win a game ball during the season, could have it.

Somedays, I have pretty good kids. Remind me of this after I spend a little time on the train with them ;)

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