June 09, 2006
Mom of the year ... again

C got a call to sub for the 10-11yr olds in the playoffs. He was very excited so we dressed him in his gear and raced over.

When we got there it turned out that the other kid finally showed and C couldn't play. He was bummed but had a catch with Dad and watched all the other games.


"Mom! What time is it????"

"8:00. Why?"

***cue scream of death and many, many tears***

"My party. My party. I missed my graduation party!"

Yup. The graduation/beach party that we suffered clothes shopping for and bought the perfect beach party outfit? Completely blew it. We got there as they were cleaning.

He got to pick up his gifts and run around with the stragglers but missed the whole thing.

I suck.

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