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January 16, 2004
stood up...the junior version

90 minute delay. oodles of fun.

but you know what is more fun? j's school never lets us know. there is no number to call, no website to check. so we get him dressed and ready on time poor little bundled up guy sitting on the couch and waiting for an hour and a half.

i call the bus company and they say they don't know. don't know? how do you not know? then they tell me that i probably assumed it was a delayed opening and the bus came and went.

no no no. i tell them (oh so kindly without a hint of "you are seconds away from a good thwacking and fonging) we were ready on time and have been waiting by the window for almost two hours.

i call the school. "no....we don't ever have delayed openings"

ok. thanks. sure.

so now he is home for the fourth friggin day this week because he was stood up by the bus.

very nice.

and apparently i am the bad parent because i am not going to trek his ass up there over an hour each way so that he can be in school for less than a half a day.

f-off. this one isn't my fault. i fought the good fight this morning at 7:00 dragging him out of bed and making him choke down his meds to be ready on time. i am not taking the fall for this one.

errands should be fun today.

posted by michelle at 10:07 AM

Sorry - not your week it is - (not my day either)
Why not just bury yourself under the covers with a good book and try again on Monday

Posted by: N~ on January 16, 2004 11:58 AM
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