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January 16, 2004
stood up part 2

hmm. seems that stood up wasn't exactly the right description. more accurately it would be:

i can't seem to read the simplest of emails and spent a half an hour talking to the owner of an Indian restaurant about portland maine, london and raising children when i should have been at the other indian restaurant a mile or two down the road having drinks and dinner.

hrumph, well at least i am used to being scatterbrained. it is better than being stood up. lol

no harm done. we are trying again next week. but next week we are braving thai food and bringing cell phone numbers.

90 minute delay this morning. grrr. just close school or don't. don't mess with the schedule. sending j after a ninety minute delay is ridiculous. he barely gets to school before they throw him back on the bus and send him home. but he has missed three days this week so happy bus riding my little buddy. off you go!

posted by michelle at 07:24 AM

Ahhh, Portland.

Those were the days.

Posted by: Geoffrey on January 16, 2004 07:50 AM

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