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January 13, 2004
i so wish i was cooler than i am

hmmm. i am going out to dinner with a friend thursday. ok, not really a friend, yet. we are still in the early stages of friend stuff where i pretend to be much cooler than i am.

email from friend: Do you enjoy sushi? Or Indian? and do you know any decent Thai restaurants in the area?

oh noooo. i am dull and boring and some food scares me. ok, not true. i don't do fish..not at all. fish are friends, not food. but any way, i hate going to a restaurant when you aren't sure you are going to like anything there and then having to try and be all "oh, yeah, i eat like this all the time" when you really live with two little monkeys whose entire repertoire consists of chicken nuggets, hot dogs and mac and cheese. i don't remember what grown ups eat....never mind cool grown ups.


the pressure. please may we eat somewhere where i know what it is i am ordering? i am really not picky but my last foray into odd food did not go well.

i have cut and paste the restaurant portion of that evening into the extended entry, but if you need the whole thing you have to head into the archives from may 2003 and the adventures of artsy mcslutpants. lol.

from may 2003:

afterwards we all decided to get something to eat. there is one place i have requested that we don't go. zen palette. sorry, i don't like it there. especially tonight as they have no liquor license and lord knows i am going to need a drink. so what does hubby suggest to everyone?? yup. zen palette. without turning into bitch from hell, i can't say, "whine whine whine i don't like that!" so off we go to have imitation tofu soy processed squishy puffs. i order a glass of water and a salad and the rude waiter says, "no salad tonight" walks away and never takes my order (not that there was anything else edible) so i just got to sit and eat nothing and drink water while some real artists and some others patted each other on the back with their artsiness. crap. i was never more miserable in my life. i wanted to run screaming to somewhere where they butchered little animals for my dining pleasure and served it up with a lovely vodka martini

posted by michelle at 03:09 PM

"i wanted to run screaming to somewhere where they butchered little animals for my dining pleasure and served it up with a lovely vodka martini"

ROFLMAO!!!!! Isn't that the truth!?!? Someone asked me one day "What do you want to eat?" I answered simply; "Something dead and cooked." I'm not one for 'fancy' indian I like, Pakora is the bomb, and I could eat that all day if you go indian, get a nice sounding little pakora and chow down! Lamb Curry is ok, but I'm not all that into Curry....I don't do fish either, nope, not even shrimp, or anything that lives in the water (AKA 'Its own toilet, and drinks the water out of it.')

Posted by: turtlemama on January 13, 2004 04:00 PM

Artsy McSlutpants? I thought her name was Bitchface.

I love that name, btw (Bitchface) - I've adopted it to describe someone I have to deal with in my own life.

Posted by: Sharon on January 15, 2004 08:49 PM
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