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January 13, 2004
not one but two

seems that c is sick today. or as he puts it "one side of my nose isn't working!"

or more accurately, "ooonnneee siiiiide of my nOOoooooosssssse isn't worrrrrrrkinggggggggg"

whine? my kids. surely you jest.

so they both slept in and are now hanging out watching movies and generally annoying each other by crossing the boundary line in the middle of the couch. you know, the one that clearly divides property lines. apparently around here trespassing is punishable by screaming and slapping.

and to think i felt bad for them this morning.

i am going to try and get some cleaning done. hopefully Imbolc will be an inspiration. i am shooting for a really clean house by then! hey, how much worse can it get?? *ducks*

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