January 16, 2004

cause i am still awake

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happily swiped from witchymom

ooh, and btw, did you know that a mae west martini is darn near a perfect drink??

mmm mmm mmm

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a fresh start

ok, i am home. errands weren't too bad even with my helper.

i picked up some new sheets and new organizers for the kid's toys. went to the grocery store and got tons of good healthy food.

time to get this house (and me!) back into shape. tired of feeling so sluggish and awful. tired of the house being a disaster.

and then...i get home to find a package from someone very very sweet

i have been smiling ever since. thanks so much jenn

off to clean and cook and generally be productive. (then again, i also picked up a comfy, soft chenille throw for the couch. lol)

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because everyone can use a laugh

especially me...

go see what greg had to suffer through without internet.

what exactly is it we did before this?


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stood up...the junior version

90 minute delay. oodles of fun.

but you know what is more fun? j's school never lets us know. there is no number to call, no website to check. so we get him dressed and ready on time poor little bundled up guy sitting on the couch and waiting for an hour and a half.

i call the bus company and they say they don't know. don't know? how do you not know? then they tell me that i probably assumed it was a delayed opening and the bus came and went.

no no no. i tell them (oh so kindly without a hint of "you are seconds away from a good thwacking and fonging) we were ready on time and have been waiting by the window for almost two hours.

i call the school. "no....we don't ever have delayed openings"

ok. thanks. sure.

so now he is home for the fourth friggin day this week because he was stood up by the bus.

very nice.

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stood up part 2

hmm. seems that stood up wasn't exactly the right description. more accurately it would be:

i can't seem to read the simplest of emails and spent a half an hour talking to the owner of an Indian restaurant about portland maine, london and raising children when i should have been at the other indian restaurant a mile or two down the road having drinks and dinner.

hrumph, well at least i am used to being scatterbrained. it is better than being stood up. lol

no harm done. we are trying again next week. but next week we are braving thai food and bringing cell phone numbers.

90 minute delay this morning. grrr. just close school or don't. don't mess with the schedule. sending j after a ninety minute delay is ridiculous. he barely gets to school before they throw him back on the bus and send him home. but he has missed three days this week so happy bus riding my little buddy. off you go!

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January 15, 2004

stood up

i had an awful day. i was moody and grumpy and besides getting out to the movies (with the boys!) i didn't get to do anything today.

so tonight was the night i was supposed to be brave and try some indian food. i was pretty excited about it and about getting out....

after a half an hour i gave up and left.

stood up. yeah, that topped off the day.

and now i don't even know what i am supposed to say or do. i haven't ever been stood up before. this sucks.

oh, and if i want to eat, now i have to cook.

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snow day!!

woohoo!! i can sleep in! and it looks so pretty and white and....

wait....now i have both boys home and i have to dress them in snow stuff and then get them out of it while they leave piles of wet clothes around and then want to go out again...

bickering over gamecube and tivo and legos and...

they are going to be home all day?

with me?

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January 14, 2004

scary rumour

i just heard that they may have cast mr friggin bean as "he who should not be named" in the harry potter:goblet of fire.

mr bean??? have you people all forgotten this??

ok, i know that is frightening, but i think it is a different kind of scary....ewwwww.

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don't push me

i hate when on new dvds you can't skip past the previews!

i love previews. i get to the movies early every time. early enough to buy snacks, get my favorite seats, take the kids to the damn bathroom again and see not only the previews, but kick some butt in the movie trivia preview stuff, find the hidden coke bottles, and name the quote and the movie.

and when i get a new dvd, i don't even mind seeing a few preview. the. first. time. but not every time.

but i guess that's the only way they are going to get people to watch the friggin preview for bring it on again. again. because we needed a sequel to that hellish scare fest.

ok, gotta go. previews are over....finally

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i've got a hot date

woohoo! i am taking an adorable guy out to lunch. ok, he's nine and i have to pay. lol

j and i are having a little lunch date and then a trip to wander about barnes and noble because he is, after all, my kid!

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off to the docs

off to spend a fun filled morning having j re-evaluated for his meds. this is always an adventure.

hmmm, when it's 10 degrees outside and you are stumbling out to warm up your car in "dropping the kids off to school sweats and a hat" you realize that you don't look your best. you truly do not want to run into anyone.

but honestly, when do you want to run into your 70 something yr old neighbor in his bathrobe that is dangerously flapping in the bitter breeze? he is sweet and everything, but those are some legs (and other goodies) that i just don't want to see out shivering in 10 degree weather or any other time.

ew. i am awake now.

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January 13, 2004

a little present

from me to you....

i am sitting here listening to rhapsody (which is like legal napster) and i have it set to my fun fun 80s playlist. so i was inspired.

want to see some embarassing photos?

i will leave these for a short time only. a pictorial history of my terrible hairstyle choices, prom dates and the osprey.

go ahead. take a look you know you want to.

but remember....you made some bad style choices in the 80s too. didn't you???

it's a limited time offer.

(you can leave comments under the pics, but be kind or i will delete them!)

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i so wish i was cooler than i am

hmmm. i am going out to dinner with a friend thursday. ok, not really a friend, yet. we are still in the early stages of friend stuff where i pretend to be much cooler than i am.

email from friend: Do you enjoy sushi? Or Indian? and do you know any decent Thai restaurants in the area?

oh noooo. i am dull and boring and some food scares me. ok, not true. i don't do fish..not at all. fish are friends, not food. but any way, i hate going to a restaurant when you aren't sure you are going to like anything there and then having to try and be all "oh, yeah, i eat like this all the time" when you really live with two little monkeys whose entire repertoire consists of chicken nuggets, hot dogs and mac and cheese. i don't remember what grown ups eat....never mind cool grown ups.


the pressure. please may we eat somewhere where i know what it is i am ordering? i am really not picky but my last foray into odd food did not go well.

i have cut and paste the restaurant portion of that evening into the extended entry, but if you need the whole thing you have to head into the archives from may 2003 and the adventures of artsy mcslutpants. lol.

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scrabble anyone?

Pholph's Scrabble Generator

My Scrabble© Score is: 15.
What is your score? Get it here.

happily swiped from rilana ;)

hey, if i use "yagottabelieve" i get a 23! woohoo!

seriously...scrabble anyone? anyone? i would so much rather be playing than cleaning. ok, stepping away from the computer.

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those of you who are still getting here via the old address (and you know who you are).

c'mon...please change it...i am going to lose that site soon and i don't want anyone left behind.

c'mon i made it easy just go click on blogroll me
<--------over there.

thanks. i feel better now. :)

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not one but two

seems that c is sick today. or as he puts it "one side of my nose isn't working!"

or more accurately, "ooonnneee siiiiide of my nOOoooooosssssse isn't worrrrrrrkinggggggggg"

whine? my kids. surely you jest.

so they both slept in and are now hanging out watching movies and generally annoying each other by crossing the boundary line in the middle of the couch. you know, the one that clearly divides property lines. apparently around here trespassing is punishable by screaming and slapping.

and to think i felt bad for them this morning.

i am going to try and get some cleaning done. hopefully Imbolc will be an inspiration. i am shooting for a really clean house by then! hey, how much worse can it get?? *ducks*

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not today

i am keeping j home today. partly because the poor guy didn't get any sleep last night and partly because i still don't know what is going on.

i am sure this is going to go over well with the school.

too damn bad.

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January 12, 2004

not my kid

ok, i know my kid. i know he isn't an angel and if you have been hanging around here long enough you know all about the struggles and joys that can be j.

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pros and cons

some mornings when it is really cold and the boys are at their whiniest and you wake up with a head full of boogers, your eyes all crusty, your face all puffed up and your throat on fire (i am stunning let me tell ya!)...

you have to decide which is the better choice...

pulling your head under the covers and going back to sleep, thus insuring a full day of fighting and bickering from two little monsters who didn't make it to school


dragging your ass out of bed to insure a full morning of "can't i miss school" and "i think i am too sick to go" and fighting and arguing to get them out the door on time.

i am opting for the rough morning followed by a cup of tea and a long nap.

wish me luck

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January 11, 2004


again.....lara rocks!!!

i have photo galleries. i am in the process of moving all the photos over. take a look if you haven't before...or even if you have.

thanks lara!!

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longest day

is this the longest. day. ever.?

or is it just me??

where is everyone? why does it already feel like midnight? who wants to come make me dinner?

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undecking the halls

time to tear everything down and make the house look stark and clean.

surprisingly enough i don't hear choruses of "let me help you" from the other members of the house.

hubby is out "running important errands" and the boys are keeping well out of the way. at least they are being pretty good and not arguing.

although this morning the little guy got a huge scratch on his face while "fencing" with his brother. dyfs is coming here. i can't wait til school calls tomorrow. lol

just wondering which lucky piece of christmas spirit will be left out this year. there is always one. one piece that escapes until all the other boxes have been wrangled back into the attic and then sits laughing and mocking me.

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some things are better left in the past

go and have a look at these and be thankful that none of them are on your menu. what was weight watchers thinking???

thanks to rue for the link...and the laugh.

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