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October 01, 2010

Earth (The Book) by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Back in 2004 I purchased America (The Book) by the writers of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I enjoyed the mock American history textbook, and found it clever. So when the same group recently published Earth (The Book), I picked it up.

Earth (The Book)
is not as satisfying a read as America (The Book) was. Earth (The Book), is, ostensibly, a guide for the aliens who take over our planet after humankind has been wiped out. The premise, per se, has some promise, but the execution just isn't as satisfying as the previous effort. I think that American History is a bit easier to parody because it's a more distinct topic, while this book tends to meander more superficially over more ground.

I do like Jon Stewart very much. What I would suggest is that you look this over before making the purchase. If a couple of chapters grab you and make you laugh, then you will probably enjoy Earth (The Book). But if you aren't immediately drawn in, I don't think that further chapters will do anything to change your mind.

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