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January 29, 2007

Almost there

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes with the move. We are still trudging onward (pictures are here if anyone is curious about what has kept me from reading and posting!).

I am sadly not going to finish my own challenge. Shameful!! I have read four of the five but I just feel too guilty sitting about reading when we are in the midst of all of this house craziness. I vow to finish the rest. Honest.

Look at the bright side...I will have more time to read all the wonderful reviews soon.

I'm glad that everyone has enjoyed the challenge and gotten through some of those books that just never get read. I think that we will do it again next winter and maybe we'll cook up something fun for a summer challenge.

Right now my poor sad books are in boxes except for my current read, Little, Big (P.S.), which I am enjoying even if I have to dust all the spackel and plaster dust off it every night to get to it.

Happy reading!

Posted by michelle at January 29, 2007 03:13 PM

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